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  1. Peciacake
    Enjoying life (code for on holidays in Surin province)
  2. smithy
    smithy EnglishAlan
    Get the previous message Alan ?................hope you have some drinking partners while Doug is away !!!
    Anyway, take care, and as mentioned, catch up later in the year in Sunny Surin !!
  3. smithy
    smithy EnglishAlan
    Hi Alan................just noticed you on here as I was browsing.
    Hope all o.k and see you when I am over later in the year.
    Dave by the way...Melody's dad.
  4. Croc
    L'amour est un art mais rare sont ses artistes.
  5. ozibill
    Previously Billp
  6. Prasatcanadian
    We do farming in Prasat , Surin.
  7. Deerculler
    Deerculler robjak
    Rob, Are you open today? Les
  8. Big Al
    Big Al paulny54
    It's official!!! Only 1 month to go and out with loser and in with a WINNER.
  9. Danny boy
    Danny boy stevo
    Ban expired
  10. Deerculler
    Deerculler Kiwi1
    Hi Peter,
    Are you buying a truck?
  11. Deerculler
    Live in Surin
  12. FERET
    FERET alanthebuilder
    Alan, understanding Jieps reluctance to take on work for us, I am getting desperate to have a garage, workshop with concrete floor built in the rear of our block, this would also include a driveway and a second gate.
    Would like 8mr x 8mr with 2 x 3.6 mr remote roller doors.
    Basically 75% down and 25% on completion.
  13. billp
    billp AussieBill
    Bill - I will be in Sattahip on Christmas Day having lunch with my son at a place called Mickeys (I believe he is an Aussie) - unfortunately I am not staying overnight - Idd , who has 2 hospital appointments in Bangkok that day , will come back via Sattahip and collect me - But if you can get to Mickeys at Lunchtime , I would be glad to see you
    1. AussieBill
      Not sure I will be safe to drive that far if I have hit the Christmas cheer. Probably have to wait for another day.
      Dec 23, 2015
  14. surinmike
    Wait time till back....
  15. trigger66
    Hi dont know if anyone interested but the zoo in Korat are doing a 5 year entry pass, for 5 persons and truck or car to all national zoos in Thailand 8 zoos in total 2000bht all you need is a thai person with ID card and they send out pass to your house
  16. jackandconnie
  17. The quailman
    The quailman
    Just joined again because i have only just gotten half decent Internet coverage
    Used to be called Steve sheep as I had a sheep farm no the sheep have gone and I'm into quail farming
    Lived in Thailand on and off for 36 years , been here in lam duan surin for 26 years
    Hope to be a useful addition to your site
    Thank you for adding me. Steve
  18. gotlost
    gotlost Ryans Resort
    Any bars in Prasst hit by this no sell?
  19. AntwerpJohn
    AntwerpJohn denis72
    Hello Denis Ik ben John en verblijf ongeveer 5 maanden per jaar in Surin. De Yamaha dealer in Surin, is gelegen tussen het busstation en de twee benzinestations in Surin. Ik heb er mijn Filio gekocht, 3 jaar terug en tot nu toe ben ik er tevreden over. Maar verkopers die Engels praten en iets van motors kennen, een groot ? Groeten uit Antwerpen (terug in Surin, in November) John
  20. denis72
    Denis, 42, from Belgium. I used to live in Bangkok with my thai wife from Surin. Now in Belgium and visiting Surin from time to time to take care of the house and the family in law.
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