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    New Job Yasoton

    New job on the go chaps . More info coming Sent from my SM-A605G using Tapatalk
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    The old Larn chang restaurant (Moo Moo 2 )selling beer an food

    The old Larn chang restaurant near the Elephant round about is a open air place its changed the name now to something like Moo Moo 2 , its a two story wood building looks over the rectangle man made lake . Not sure how but they are open evenings and selling snack type food and beers . big...
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    Price of building materials to raise

    Price of building materials is meant to raise 7 % in around 3 months ....Tax Im guessing . Sent from my SM-A605G using Tapatalk
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    House in Surin

    Hi guys we will start this house in a few weeks , in Surin high spec nice house to build and only 10 mins drive to the job . I will update pictures once we start . Sent from my SM-A605G using Tapatalk
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    Good bread in Big C Prasat

    Big C in Prasat ,about 9.30 / 10 every morning they bake some nice bread 3 or 4 different types ,they dont make loads but around 3 or 4 loafs of each a day . Wheatmeal , wholemeal , farmers , white Italian style ,also nice baguettes. Worth a look if your passing .
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    Slide show
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    Slide show

    Sent from my SM-A605G using Tapatalk
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    Hua Saning Res drying out

    Had a stroll round Surin reservoir a couple of days back . Its dry out heres a few pics This could be devastating for the local bird and fish life if no rain comes soon . Sent from my SM-A605G using Tapatalk
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    White Snapper ,in my pond

    Hi guys not been on for a while ,real busy with completing the Prasat house . Anyway about 3 weeks ago i ordered 30 White snapper from Khon Kean a fresh water bread and put them in my pond so far so good none dead . Got the fist through Surin fishing park cost around 130 B each , fish weighed...
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    Ruben, H2O water systems, Buriram.

    Hi , This is Ruben, H2O water systems, Buriram. The system I installed for Alan Makes very clean, healthy and tasty drinking water. It is a bit bigger system than normally for one household so keep in mind if you are interested to have something like this at your house, it does not need to be...
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    Stafford's Prasat changes hands ...

    Stafford's Prasat , so ive been told has been taken over by a younger guy from Scotland Im told , I believe they will carry on selling pies and other farang foods also the bar will still be open .
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    House and wall we are building Prasat

    Here we go 3rd job in Prasat in less than 3 years .. Issanpools are building a very nice pool also . More pics and house details soon. Sent from my SM-A605G using Tapatalk
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    Big bite Surin .

    Big bite has had a nice makover food was good as norm . And a lot bigger now . Sent from my SM-J700F using Tapatalk
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    Slide show Prasat house
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    Laying grass

    Today we are laying 500 sqm of turf on the job in Chom Pra . We collected some of this stuff the other day , it's the left over from rice shell they burn to make electric. Its on the road out of town passed Robinson's about 10 K right side . You need to cover the black dust very well . They...
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    Ryan's Resort Pizza passed the ATB test

    A few day back I called into Ryan's Resort for a bit of lunch . On arrival a lady was getting the real Pizza oven going , so I ordered a pizza Salami. The pizza was home made base an sauce with plenty of topping and cheese I couldn't eat it all it was a good size . Two slices left were eaten...
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    New Farang Restaraunt in bus station

    Yesterday I spotted a new looking place in the bus station looked nice an clean. Any info Any one? Sent from my SM-J700F using Tapatalk
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    New job , 2 story house in Jom-pra

    Heres the new job , we will start another in Praconchai in a few days ,both houses are not so big so as they are both local,ish we will run the 2 together . Ok here is the floor plan and a few pics . This house will have a cement cote finish on the out side not paint (that awful grey cement...
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    UPVC Windows and doors ... We at alanthebuilder have build a couple of houses in the past and the client has chooses to go with UPVC double glazed windows the product we use are from Phuket .(details in the website above ). One of the cost problems of course was expenses for a team to...
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    Surin Music fest

    Anyone got any info on this ?