1,000 year old jars and artifacts discovered in Surin field


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1,000 year old jars and artifacts discovered in Surin field


Ancient artifacts including 16 clay jars have been found in a field in the village of Among in Tha Sawang sub-district of Surin in Thailand's north eastern region.

Janya Rungreuang, 48, owns the land and was building a waterway and farm area known as a Khok Nong Na Model.

She said that the artifacts did not reveal themselves at first but the rains exposed one jar that were observed by relatives.

Locals thought it might be 300 years old.

The Fine Arts department were called in and the area was turned into an archaeological site with 16 jars and a wealth of other artifacts located all in the same spot, reported Daily News.

They think it is evidence of a community that lived there more than 1,000 years ago.



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LOL Very likely. I know they do bury the rice wine in clay jars covered with cloth to ferment under the ground. Seen it done at a wedding I was at long ago. They dug up the jars and drank the 'wine'. One batch was stronger than the other. I was told one was for the women, and one for the men. Sato, or Lao Hai. At one time a while ago they were selling bottles of Sato out of the 7-11s. I forget which beverage company it was selling it.