A 39 year old woman in Surin has died from rabies.


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Thai caption on the picture: Everyone dies from rabies. It seems incredible that this was misdiagnosed

A 39 year old woman in Surin has died from rabies.

The authorities say it is a disease that everyone dies from if not protected by vaccine.

They have urged people to to get vaccinated and to have their pets jabbed.

Sanook's story featured a timeline for the woman's descent to death but the media made no attempt to explain how such a case could apparently be so badly misdiagnosed, notes Thaivisa.

The woman had a coffee shop in a village and lived with her husband and mother and father.

They looked after 12 cats and two dogs. She took in a stray cat that subsequently died.

On May 7th she started having symptoms of pain and hydrophobia (not wanting to drink).

On May 8th and 9th she was very thirsty but refused to drink.

These are clear signs of rabies. Hydrophobia is a common name sometimes given to the disease that when symptoms show is always fatal.

By May 10th she was so tired that her husband drove her to Samrong Thap Hospital.

Incredibly she was sent home and on the 11th was no better.

She was taken in a private car again to the same hospital where she was given pills for a stomach problem and hypertension.

She went home again and her hydrophobia worsened and now 1669 was called and an ambulance picked her up and took her to ER.

She was now convulsing and foaming at the mouth and was transferred to Surin hospital.

By 12th May she was transferred to a specialist rabies unit where samples of saliva, hair and urine were taken for analysis in Nonthaburi.

Just after she was officially diagnosed as having rabies she died on May 15th at 2.43 pm.

Thirty members of the public and 71 healthcare workers came into contact with her.

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If you wish to believe the local news, none of the "pets" had been vaccinated against rabies and one of the cats had bitten/scratched her but she refused to go to the hospital/clinic. I would think it's doubtful that when she did finally go, she told the doctor about the cat..


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I rescued a feral kitten from the two dogs the year before last. It was dark and raining. I was thanked for my kindness with a bite to my hand when I grabbed the kitten's neck to pull it from a watery grave. It had literally escaped the dogs by jumping into the rain water barrel with no way out. The kitten was released over the garden wall, with 2 of it's siblings that I also found huddled in the back garden, and happily they survived. Me, the next morning I went to Ruamphet private hospital and started a series of vaccinations for rabies. From memory, it's a course of 4 jabs, at set intervals, over a period of several weeks. Better safe than sorry.


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How very sad. This is the problem with Covid and other life threatening ailments, that they are being brushed off because of a fixation on Covid only, by medical professionals. This is being repeated all over the world. I wonder what the death toll from that is? Larger then Covid will be my guess.