Apprenticeship program (a case for Vocational School)

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  1. Coffee

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    Dah-ling's youngest attends Surin Vocational's Civil Engineering (CE) program.
    The first term has ended.

    Last year there were 130 "first year" (M4) students.
    Now they've been whittled down to 70 "second year" (M5) students.

    For the next five months commencing 16 October she will work with a local business as an apprentice in construction. "Hands on" education.

    This young lady is a very capable and seeeerious student. I believe a future in Engineering would make a fine career choice.

    Ask yourselves if you have children involved - what career are they lining themselves up for to earn a decent living for thirty and possibly more years.

    (What will the simsot be ?)
  2. nomad97

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    My two decided a few years ago what they wanted to be. The eldest would like to be a doctor and the youngest a dentist. Try as I may to talk them into a better paid jobs with fewer hours neither has changed their mind yet. I have recommended three very well paid careers in the UK: bricklayer, plumber and electrician. Both want to live in the UK at some stage so what could be better.
  3. gotlost

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    SWMBO son is nocking down 50K per month as a crane operator, trained by a private company. She has a nephew who graduated from a vocational institution by Sin City who is now getting 15K per month. We know of another 4 who graduate from the vocational institute in Prasat who are also getting 15k. All 5 at 15 k are working in Rayong. Beats the fork out of 7-11
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  4. Ivor the Engine

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    No fixing the grades in Gas-Safe(was CORGI) exams in UK. When I did them you had 3 attempts to get 100% and if you didn’t get 80%+ in the first attempt, your OUT!!!!

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  5. Coffee

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    As a ending the first semester of M6...and finals.
    Cram school at our place. This is the quietest bunch of 17 -19 year olds I've come across. They're so quiet that Mom can watch her show on the tellie. 20190919_193547.jpg
    When they know a photo is being taken.
    (Covert posing.)
    M6/1 Class of 2020 is now whittled down to 25 students.
    Due primarily to family economic situations one or possibly two students out of this class will continue on to a 5-year Bachelor of Engineering program following graduation in the Spring.
  6. Wombat

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    I just read that there is going to be a huge shortage of mining workers in Australia in the next 30 years. So getting qualified in that area would be a great way to make a heap of money particularly when Australia has the skilled worker visa available.
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  7. Coffee

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    I think the Chinese will bring in their own employees to run the mining industry Down Under, don't you ?
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    555555 Coffee, BHP and Rio are still Aussie owned, sort of.
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  9. Coffee

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    555 And their largest customer is....? :rolleyes:
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