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    Oh yes, sitting used to be terrible and the food lacked any proper table. Opening at 4 pm meant that early birds couldn't enjoy it. All of this is changing no as the Beach bar is opening another unit next door, maybe a bit too close from N, but we weren't left the choice. On the menu, opening at 9 am for Aussie, English, American breakfast, set lunch and dinner in a proper restaurant setting, meaning tables and chairs, sports corner and book exchange and a proper pool table. Extended outdoor terrace to chill out. Food ill focus on burgers and barbecued meats, fish and chips, all cooked by Lee and I will still do some specials every week or whenever the inspiration comes to me. Bar action will continue as usual until early morning.
    Knocking off the walls between the to units should happen in the next couple of weeks.
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  2. ColinW

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    Good luck, look forward to trying the food
  3. georgefromcanada

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    Good Luck!

    I certainly enjoyed my visit to the Beach and would like to congratulate you on your expansion. I look forward to my next visit.
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  5. alanthebuilder

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    Is the new venue on the corner with an open staircase outside ?
  6. Cent


    Al, It is the single wide shopfront directly between The Beach and N&N. The Beach will expand into the shopfront to the left of The Beach.
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  7. gotlost

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    N&N on the left and The Beach on the right with the the unit under discussion between them.

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  8. Cent


    I guess Norby is soon to lose his parking spot there.
  9. nongfrank

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    MAybe that's the reason he dosn't like it. Where to park my car !!!
  10. Yorky

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    Just out of interest, I was told by Martin when he knocked out the walls between the FC and the phone shop next door to form a double unit he was required to deposit Bht 250,000 with the owner in order to rebuild the walls should he terminate the lease. One would assume that as the FC is still a double unit, that "deposit" is still being held.

    Is this the same requirement of the Soi Kola units owners?
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  11. Prakhonchai Nick

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    With farangs generally having language problems here in Thailand and many of our ladies being unable to comprehend what we want, let alone discuss with others, it often makes sense to have a lawyer assist when contracts etc are being long as they dont charge silly money!
  12. gotlost

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    Ask N&N next door. Besides The Beach could buy out N&N and make their business a 4 unit complex. Its only money.shrug1
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  13. Yorky

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    I wasn't thinking of purchasing Nobbi's Nick. Nor any other establishment for that matter.

    I have used an "expensive" lawyer in the past for the few legal matters I have needed to transact.
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  14. nongfrank

    nongfrank Guest

    That's the same owners and N=N's place has always been a double unit without a wall between. When we were there ( Beaches place now ) there was a disco called Heaven.
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  15. Cent


    "Is this the same requirement of the Soi Kola units owners"

    No. It's not the same.
  16. nongfrank

    nongfrank Guest

    Then the whole area Soi Kola must be sold. I talk about the past when we had our bar there and we would not get a permission to knoch the wall down.
  17. westofhere

    westofhere Surin Legend

    Permission has already been granted. The wall is coming down, with maybe some Floyd being played in the background.
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  18. Coffee

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    Westie, don't forget... post the video p4rty
    Supertramp or Pearl Jam wouldn't be bad music picks either.
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  19. Coffee

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    I forgot...

    ...he's Aussie. Crazy1
    AC/DC is requisite !p4rty

    (ps: They're playing at Gillette Stadium, Foxboro later this month ;-)
  20. Rice

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    Is the remaining adjoining wall going to be called the The Maginot line. Oops5
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