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    It means something to someone maybe. It means absolutely nothing to me. Time to take my pills again.
  2. Coffee

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    If you were there... would readily understand. Alas you weren't.

    You can't catch fish if you're not near water, sailor.

    But do take your pills as directed by a qualified professional. Jump_Drool

    Reminds me of a joke:
    Husband: "Honey, how come you never tell me when you have an orgasm."
    Wife: "Darling , because you're never there when I do."
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    guys as a stranger to the Nightlife on offer in Surin i am embarassed to say that after 4 years in Surin i have never heard of the Beach Bar.

    can someone give me directions ?

    If it is open at 9am it may well be the place to take the wife for Sunday Brunch.
  6. Yorky

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    Half way down Soi Cola from Speed disco on the left. After Norbie's.

    [Edit: Maybe not quite half way - in case I'm reprimanded by the GPS police.
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  7. rob.doc

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    cheers Yorkie

    are they open Sunday mornings, do you know ?
  8. Yorky

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    I'm not sure of the daily opening times but I'm sure somebody on here will....

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  9. Cent


    I believe now open at 8 a.m. daily.
  10. Cent



    You haven't heard of it much as it just opened a few months or so ago. :)

    Soi Kola is the next street up past the entrance road for the Thong Tarin Hotel. The Beach is across the street on Soi Kola from the big Speed 3 disco, next to N&N Market and restaurant.

  11. rob.doc

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    Cheers Mike, will have a look for it today Thanks3
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  12. Coffee

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    Sunday Brunch

    So how was your Sunday Brunch with your Mrs ?

    What time does their kitchen open ?
  13. Cent


    The menu is now available at the Beach.
  14. rob.doc

    rob.doc Surin Legend

    Sorry guys
    Went looking for it at lunch, didn't find it, I presume because it wasn't open, as I did go back and find it after lunch but just had a beer
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  15. Cent


    Really? I was told they would be open every day for breakfast at 8 a.m. 7 days a week, just this past Friday evening.

    I'll see if Westie or myself can get a pic on here of their menu that was published and available this past Wednesday.
  16. westofhere

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    I think the kitchen opens at 9 a.m. everyday except Monday's and Wednesdays, but the Beach bar opens as usual on Wed. after 4 p.m. Will double check though.
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  17. westofhere

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    Correction!!!! The kitchen is open everyday except Wednesday.
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  18. Coffee

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    what would Sherlock say

    Watson , assuming that by lunch traditional hours, rob.doc did indeed go looking Sunday between 11:AM - 2:pM and could not locate said establishment in operation but did indeed find said establishment open after lunch to have a beer.

    rob.doc , for the sake of clarity - what time (approximately) did you locate the establishment to order your beer ?
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  19. rob.doc

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    we did indeed pass by said premises at 11.30am, but completely overlooked it, i presume this was because it was not open, as after a less than adequate lunch at the Sydney Canal, we returned at around 1.30pm to try again to locate and found almost immediately.
    perhaps they had a busy night Saturday ?
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  20. Coffee

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    Thank you for that clarification.

    rob.doc , did you inquire further as to their hours of Sunday operation when you ordered said beer after lunch ?

    I personally know that they have sometimes been kept open into the wee (single digit) hours when the werewolves were out 'n about. Jump_Drool
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