Buri Ram man killed by frustrated Brahman bull

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    Buri Ram man killed by frustrated Brahman bull

    By The Nation


    Picture: Thai Rath

    A Buri Ram man was found dead and apparently killed by a Brahman inside the bull’s pen at his house in the province’s Satuk district.

    The man’s wife, Thiamthat Choengsa-ard, 47, came to look for him at the pen at 9am on Tuesday after Somyos Choengsa-ard, 49, failed to return home for breakfast.

    The man watched over his oxen bulls and cows at the pen every night.

    Thiamthat said she found Somyos lying unconscious on the ground with wounds to his body, and the four-year-old bull ox, “Rambo”, standing beside him.

    She rushed Somyos to Satuk Hospital, where he died.

    The wife believed Rambo used its head to knock down Somyos and then stomped on him out of anger, because it had not been allowed to mate with cows for almost a month.

    Thiamthat said her husband had three bulls and seven cows and earned his living by taking the males to mate with other farmers’ cows to produce calves.

    She said Rambo was Somyos’ favourite breeder and the bull always appeared happy when he was drove it to mate. After the bull recently suffered a leg injury, Somyos decided to have it rest for a month.

    Thiamthat said she would sell all three bulls and seven cows because she could not continue her husband’s work.

    Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30356524

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    I hope that's not a bull story. :disrelieved:
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