CHRISTMAS IN SIEM REAP 24/27 DECEMBER 2013 From 4,600 Baht per person

Isaan Angkor Tours

We now only have two rooms available for the Christmas trip to Siem Reap.

Details are attached.

A number of guests have also requested a 'traditional' Christmas Day roast turkey dinner. For those who are interested we propose booking the $48 per person special at the Abacus restaurant. Last year's menu is attached.


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Old wrinkly member
If the food at Abacus is as good as it sounds it should be a Christmas Dinner to savour.
Could you add Wood and I to the list of those attending

Colin - I think you were already at the top of the list :eek:

It is not cheap and it is difficult if you have a young Thai family - but it has the makings of a good 'group' night out.


Sounds like a great tour.

Siem Reap means (in Khymer language) "Siam Defeated", referring to the sacking of Ayutthaya in the 17th Century.