COVID Patient Prosecuted for Dodging Quarantine Buriram


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COVID Patient Prosecuted for Dodging Quarantine


BURI RAM, Jan 15 (TNA) – A man, 33, who contracted COVID-19 faced criminal action for failing to conduct quarantine and concealing information about his visit to a disease-hit zone.

Buri Ram governor Thatchakorn Hathayakun said the construction contractor returned from Ang Thong province that was one of 28 COVID-hit provinces but failed to report for testing and quarantine as required by Buri Ram authorities.

Besides, the man even drunk with others.

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Just found out my son's ex-wife has been tested and is positive. She knew four days earlier a co-worker had tested positive. Yet she still went to work for 2 days, saying she would get tested Monday... IF SHE HAD THE TIME (this was a week ago Friday). :-O And she has a job dealing with the public as well. Now my grandkids are getting tested, and my son will not be able to be around them for the next 2 weeks or so (he has the kids on the weekends). Needless to say he is pissed she was so selfish and irresponsible. This is why the virus continues to spread. Selfish stupid assholes. My son and his GF are getting tested today. She didn't even tell him for a few days after.