Current information on O Visa extension Kap Chong immigration, Please !


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"The boss lady in Surin told my wife that she the boss does not go to Kap Cheong much.
And she is the only one that can sign off the visa extensions."

@Deerculler, I have used the Immigration Office at the Surin Service Center twice, both for 90-day reports. On both occasions, a senior male I.O. was in the chair. I have not seen a female senior officer behind the desk. Are you stating that the senior officer responsible for signing off 'extensions of stay' now resides in the Surin Office?
That is what the woman on the phone told my wife.


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Is she the OC? My wife said she was very nice to talk too.
No. The have a Ltcol and a Captain others in the office are NCO. It looks to me that the mail Ltcol from KC was sent packing and was replaced. All immigration in Thailand operate this way. The Ltcol is and in charge of CAPTIN BITCH.
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