Dozing soldier blamed for Surin pileup

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    Dozing soldier blamed for Surin pileup



    No one was injured in a 13-vehicle pileup on Thursday morning in Surin's Prasart district, which police blamed on a soldier falling asleep at the wheel.

    Lt Col Natthawuth Summat of Prasart police attended the Tambon Kang An's market on the Surin-Prasart Road, where 12 cars and one motorcycle were damaged.

    The incident on the first day of the seven-day New Year holiday caused congestion on Highway 24 between Ubon Ratchathani and the Cambodia border at Chong Chom.

    The police said the accident was caused by a pickup driven by a 24-year-old soldier, Sergeant Wanphot Cheepho, who was returning from Muang Surin and heading to a border base in Phanom Dongrak district.

    It was reported that Wanphot fell asleep and crashed into the parked cars and a motorcycle in front of the market.


  2. Yorky

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    Was his blood alcohol level checked?
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  3. gotlost

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    That intersextion where this happened is a cluster fcuk at the best of times. This demolition derby was a beaut but its not the first one on that section of the 214 through Prasat.
  4. FERET

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    Probably not, after all, he is " One of the boys ".
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    Only once on a long journey back from Pattaya some years ago did I feel sleepy, and I pulled over and had a nap at the top of the mountain (in the car :D) before the run down to Non Ding Daeng
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    My boss nodded off on the M6 once. It was night time and what woke him were the bollards bouncing off the bumper of his car. Luckily, in the UK, construction work bollards are started a kilometre or so before the actual construction work itself.
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    The 'boys' were outside Robinson's this morning stopping traffic heading around the ring road towards Prasat. Very impressive, stopping three lanes of traffic and in one lane a BiB was being filming on a digital camera while his mate was breathalyzing the driver. An hour later and all the 'boys' had retired to the comfortable chairs under their sunshades on the side of the road. It's a rough life being a copper.
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    More likely be migrants bouncing off the bumper these days
  9. FERET

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    The local BIB captain lives across the road from us and the lazy prick spends more time @ home than working, even @ this time.:eek::eek::eek::D
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