Dragon fruit.

Discussion in 'Farming Section' started by robjak, Aug 26, 2020.

  1. robjak

    robjak Surin relic

    How do I kill this bastard thing?
    Told pea and they came and looked at it and fuked off. Told obbotor and they not bothered.
    I'm just worried it starts coming over our wires and pulls them down. [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. nomad97

    nomad97 Resident Smart Arse Staff Member

    Surely, the root is at the bottom and these things grow upwards. Cut the stem that comes out of the ground and the thing should die off.

    A couple of years ago I had this beastie growing over my roof, it was on the adjacent land the other side of our wall.


    Fortunately, the obator gave permission to chop it down. Got stung for 2,000 baht by a 4 man team.
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  3. robjak

    robjak Surin relic

    I went to our meter that is on the pole and sneakily cut the stems a while ago but the bastard is still growing. The woman who owns the house is a right drunken bastard so I don't want confrontation, just thought there might be a poison I could tip over the wall.
  4. CO-CO

    CO-CO You chose a custom title

    That poison should sort the bitch out.

    Attend to the dragon fruit later.............;)
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  5. robjak

    robjak Surin relic

  6. Yorky

    Yorky Fullritis Member

    Our plant never achieved more than 5 foot as it didn't have anything to climb. Didn't produce fruit either!
  7. robjak

    robjak Surin relic

    I've only seen 1 fruit on this fukin thing
  8. Rice

    Rice Surin Founding Father

    Dragon fruit or as the Thais call it is Mongon is one of my favorite plants. Does not actually need a root to keep growing as it throws out aerial roots as it goes. It can live up to 6 months without a drop of water.
    Needless to say they are of the cactus family but not a cactus. To fruit they actually need lots of water. They flower in the middle of night in amazing blooms and rely on night insects mainly moths to pollinate.
    Kill it you say. Oh you would have to remove it. Sorry. They also live on nutrients they get from concrete. The bottom line is report it to PEA.
  9. Yorky

    Yorky Fullritis Member

    I captured this image or ours flowering very early morning. It had withered by dawn.

  10. Yorky

    Yorky Fullritis Member

    I tell a lie. It did produce two fruits. The birds ate one and this was the other...

    I'd forgotten.

  11. robjak

    robjak Surin relic

    I did report it and they came and looked at it and just fuked off. Tossers.
  12. Prakhonchai Nick

    Prakhonchai Nick You chose a custom title

    I prefer the purple one, but most around my area are white inside
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  13. Yorky

    Yorky Fullritis Member

    They both taste the same to me.
  14. Rice

    Rice Surin Founding Father

    You obviously got bad Red ones. As they have a much sweeter taste. The red are extremely high in cancer battling anti oxcidents the red colour has Lycopene,which is responsible for the deep color in red dragon fruit, There has been studies which have linked it with lower prostate cancer risk. Also recent studies in individuals with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes suggest that there is benefits for diabetes, aiding in the reduction of blood sugar.

    One of two things happened. They thought it was not a problem, NOW! (Why fix it? if it aint broke) o_O
    The other being. That fuking Kee Niow Farang did not offer us hospitality for fixing it. eg Soft drinks, M150,. So fuck him. We will come back when it has fallen down and take half a day inconveniancing every c#$t around. Including you. It is all your fault you know. :mad: Now please don't state the obvious the blighters are already paid to do a job.
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  15. Yorky

    Yorky Fullritis Member

    I think it is probably the fact that my taste buds are captained.
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  16. robjak

    robjak Surin relic

    Yes I thought when they were going if I had offered 1000 bht it would've been cleared. Fukem.
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  17. Merlin

    Merlin Surin Founding Father

    Seeing one for the first time in a UK shop was inspiring. It must have been, because I paid £1 for a single fruit. It looked truly tropical, and I expected a luxurious taste redolent of sandy beaches, clear blue seas, warm sunshine and beautiful ladies in attractive swimwear.

    Instead, I had a virtually tasteless but juicy mush of seeds and sod all else. My illusions were shattered! I didn't buy another during the following years there, nor did I bother with any others during more tropical escapes.

    After 7 years here, I now enjoy them, having reluctantly tried one again not long after arriving here and finding it quite different to that insipid object back in the UK. Much cheaper too! I must go and buy some concrete...
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