Ex-captain get death sentence for Si Sa Ket murder.

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    Ex-captain get death sentence for Si Sa Ket murder

    By Pongpat Traipipat
    The Nation


    After nearly a year-long court trial, the former army captain Supachai Paso was on Thursday sentenced to death over the abduction and murder of Si Sa Ket-based administration organisation official Juthaporn Oun-on.

    He was ordered to pay Bt2.37 million in compensation, plus 7.5 per cent interest until the full payment is made, to the deceased woman's family.

    The Kantharalak Provincial Court found the 30-year-old Supachai guilty of criminal charges including the premeditated murder of 37-year-old Juthaporn, illegal detention, destroying the body to conceal the crime, stealing Juthaporn’s car, cell phone, gold ornaments and over Bt10,000 in cash. He also took her ID card, used fake documents and destroyed documents, the court ruled.

    The former army officer was also found guilty of fraud by misrepresenting himself as another person and illegally accessing another citizen's computer-based information.

    The court, however, dismissed the charges of conspiracy to theft, taking into possession the stolen items and conspiracy to document forgery for the other three defendants in this lawsuit, Suchawadee Pathum-in, Withoon Thaokaew and Pakansawat Khanapan.

    Juthaporn disappeared in July 2017.

    Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30365808


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    A 30-yr-old Thai Army Captain.
    Obviously a rising star fallen.
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    What penalty is there for non payment?
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    That thought crossed my mind too. Where is an ex captain, locked up for the past year and for the foreseeable future, presumably with no money, and awaiting the ultimate the final sentence of death, going to find some 3 million baht? More to the point, what is the incentive for so doing?
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    Maybe a thinner needle???
    Justice has nearly been done. Good!

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