Faithful dog guards his master's corpse after death from Lao Khao in the toilet

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    Faithful dog guards his master's corpse after death from Lao Khao in the toilet


    Picture: Thai Rath

    Police and foundation rescue teams who arrived at rooms for municipal workers in Buriram found a faithful dog outside a toilet.

    Inside was the dog's master Decha Apmato, 43. He was sitting on the toilet and blood was coming from his mouth. There was no sign of a struggle.

    There were many bottles of Lao Khao (White Spirit) scattered about.

    He had been dead for about twenty hours.

    Decha's mate Rangsan Kaewkuay who found the body said that he loved the dog and had given him half his name - the beloved pet was known as "Jao Dey", the first syllable of his owner's name.

    Decha was an engineer with the Sateuk municipality.

    His younger sister Phumphicha, 35, said she had popped round with some food for her brother. When he didn't open the door she imagined that he had just gone to work so she left the food outside.

    She said her brother suffered from TB and cirrhosis brought on by drinking too much Lao Khao.

    Doctors had warned him to stop but he continued to drink the spirit. Now the family have accepted that his addition to the spirit has killed him.

    Source: Thai Rath

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    Whilst all alcohol and spirits can be killers, Lao Khao is by far the worst of the lot. So easy to become addicted to, and so cheap.
    I met a girl some years ago in Pattaya (just one of many;)) who was staying with her 60 something Grandma, as both her 40 something parents had died from excessive drinking of Lao Khao. Just 2 of thousands no doubt who went long before their time.
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    I hope someone gives this pup a good home.
    Bloody Lao Khao, that crap is'nt fit to wash paint brushes in.
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    Agree, wonder if anyone has ever costed out how much this sh1t has cost in hospital treatment etc!
    It should be banned!

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