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  1. spuddy90

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    Hello all. I was wondering what bars or restaurants around the locality would show some premier league games. I'll be there for 3 weeks over the xmas. I'm with a family of 4 so some restaurants with food keep the other half entertained. Thanks in advance.

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  2. nomad97

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    There are a few Farang bars/restaurants on Soi Cola that should have good food and large screen TV for football matches. The only problem I can see is the time difference between the UK and Thailand, +7 at this time of year. So the 3 o'clock kick-offs will screen at 22.00 hours in Thailand. The mid-week matches start at 03.00 hours the following day. Not sure the bars will be open for those games.

    Typical Thai times over the Christmas period are as follows:

  3. spuddy90

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    Thanks nomad. I see the spurs v Brighton is the best time. The early Saturday kick offs will suit. Will check out soi cola for sure

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  4. spuddy90

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    Is soi cola street off where speed is/was?

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  5. nomad97

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    Same soi.
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  6. Cent


    Should be showing some at Arve's place. Soi Cola. Fantasy Pub & Restaurant. Just across from the front entrance of the Speed 3 Disco.
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  7. spuddy90

    spuddy90 New Member

    Brilliant. Thanks. Looking forward to it

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