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    Isaan and international kite festival coming up in Buri Ram
    Breaking News January 15, 2018 14:01

    By The Nation

    An international kite festival that will highlight the traditional kites of Isaan people will be held in Buri Ram’s Huay Raj district on Friday and Saturday.

    The district office and local administrations will organise the 31st Isaan and International Kites Festival at the competition field near the Ramkhamhaeng University Buri Ram campus.


    The festival will highlight several other traditions of Isaan people as well as kite-flying. Among the highlights will be a procession of Isaan kites, a rite to bless rice, traditional rites to cast away bad luck and shows simulating the daily life of northeastern people.

    Among the events will be a kite-flying race between western men who are married to Isaan women.

    That ought to be rivetting!
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    What a bunch of wankers.:p:p:D

    Hands up who gets the joke?
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    Ha...ha, Rice...wow.

    (Is Chuck here too ?) :p
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    Anybody here going...or cumming ?:smile:
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