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Discussion in 'Route 214 Diner' started by gotlost, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. gotlost

    gotlost Surin Legend

    Went to that new Diner, Route 214 Diner near Robinsons , this morning i was with the wife and kids , there was a dog staring at us through the glass doors , no staff in sight inside , as i don't dine with dogs we turned around and got back into the car, if this place is hoping to survive the owners need to get the dog out of this place and get some staff, we won't be going back for sure.

    — in Prasat, Surin, Thailand.

  2. Yorky

    Yorky Surin Legend

    I was told by someone passing that the establishment appeared closed today (c. 12:00) but there was no mention of dogs.
  3. gotlost

    gotlost Surin Legend

    I did see a dog inside Sunday morning when i went by.
  4. FERET

    FERET Surin Legend

    Jeez, thats unusual, just open and ??.
    Maybe more than meets the eye, MMMMMM.
  5. rob.doc

    rob.doc Surin Legend

    sorry to hear that Gotlost,
    the dog in question would have been Bobby the Chihuahua, he is normally in a room at the back.
    I was not there this morning so cannot say why he was there and why no staff were there, I will ask though !
    I hope you reconsider and make a return visit.

    we are open 8 till 8 Yorky although with the new glass front it is hard to see activity inside if you are just driving by.
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  6. gotlost

    gotlost Surin Legend

    It was not me that made the complaint it was someone else out of the Prasat area. The reason I did not stop was SWMBO was on a mission that morning. Don't worry we shall visit some day dog or no dog. The post was just to let know there are some real assholes out there.:D
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  7. rob.doc

    rob.doc Surin Legend

    cheers gotlost

    I have already conveyed the fact that Bobby should not be out in the dining area, he has a room in back and also stated lots of times already that it is important someone is out front at all times.
    the wife and staff are new to this, as am I, so it is a bit of a learning curve

    we are also continuing to improve the signage to alert people to our location and the fact we are open.

    it may take time but we hope to get there in the end
    the food is good and the wife is charming, (so our customers tell me) so that's a start !!!
  8. Bear

    Bear Surin Legend

    Well said, Rob. There is always a learning curve at any new establishment and just takes a little while to work them out. Am sure you will do well and whenever I am back up in the Surin area, will be sure to stop in and enjoy the refreshment and company.
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  9. rob.doc

    rob.doc Surin Legend

    Cheers Bear, thanks for your support
    look forward to welcoming you next time you are in town.
    take care
  10. alanthebuilder

    alanthebuilder Administrator

    I popped in the other day, nice open fresh clean feel about the place, good easy location to find.
    Good luck to Rob and his wife.

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