Huge "Khmer-Buddhist" holiday 24 Sept

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    Funny that. :rolleyes:
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    Yes. I have been married to two different women in my lifetime, in America from 1976-1985, and my current wife here in Surin Province (Thungmon Samut actually) since 12/2006, but I have married this lovely lady three times...12/19/2006 official Thai Registry, 1/2/2007 village wedding for her family (the picture with the pig's head), and finally 10/13/2007, we married for my friends and family at my home in Vancouver, WA
    Wedding Pictures October 13, 2007 149.jpg
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    A glutton for punishment! :D:D:D
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    Trust me, I get reminded of the anniversaries! Got one coming up again soon, better start saving my pennies....
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