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    The reason why I send my wife and do not attend the fiasco is that I return with much more than is on the list. It is rare that my wife buys additional items (unless she sees special offers for items that we normally buy).
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    Saw this thought it was topical

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    This is my back field. A friend was visiting from up north last year and upon seeing the area was surprised that I hadn't had apartments built on there to rent out. He considered there was a fortune to be made.

    a. I don't have the money to build apartments.
    b. I don't wish to be overlooked.
    c. The only access to said apartments would be via my drive.
    d. There are many apartments closer to town which are empty.
    e. I don't need the risk.
    f. Even if there was money to be made I don't need it (yet).
    g. I don't want the constant hassle of maintenance.
    etc., etc.

    back field 2 s.jpg
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