Interior official inspects reservoirs’ readiness for drought

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    Interior official inspects reservoirs’ readiness for drought



    Deputy Interior Minister Nipon Bunyamanee on Wednesday (November 27) inspected the Huai Saneng Reservoir in Surin in preparation for anticipated drought next year.

    The water level at the reservoir in the Surin Royal Irrigation Project was severely depleted amid drought in the middle of this year.

    Nipon confirmed that the water was currently clear enough to drink and use for farming.

    “The amount is 100.5 per cent of capacity, and at the Ampuen Reservoir 106 per cent,” he said.

    He ordered the water situation in Surin to be carefully monitored and drought conditions handled according to plan.

    Nipon will visit other provinces in the Northeast to ensure the region is prepared for dry weather.



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    Good on the Deputy Minister.
    Hwai Senaeng might be full at 100% capacity but clearly that so-called "capacity" doesn't quite meet the water requirements of Surin and is city sprawl.

    Be prepared for a drought next summer if the Spring rains don't arrive as "scheduled".

    Obviously the capacity needs to be addressed and increased.
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