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Discussion in 'Hotels in Surin' started by aussie-colin, May 29, 2010.

  1. aussie-colin

    aussie-colin Guest

    Dave the Dude kindly went to the hotel for me (I am in Sydney) and spoke to a receptionist re securing a confirmed booking for November: he sent me details of her name, the Hotel's bank details including account number.
    I called her, and sent a TT to the Majestic's bank May 12. In reasonably constant contact with her, and she insists that the money has not arrived. Double checked the account details and what Dave sent me was correct.
    I called my bank about a week ago, the money was deposited and gave me the deposit reference number.
    Sent all this new info to the majestic, still no word.
    I am passing this on in case some other poor bugg*r gets the same treatment.
  2. Keep us posted Colin with developments.
  3. aussie-colin

    aussie-colin Guest

    I have sent an Email to Bangkok bank, no reply. Will have the wife call majestic tomorrow I think. Should have sent YOU the dosh to pay!! Live and learn...and the Banks here charge like a wounded bull: AUD32 for the TT.
  4. alan crisp

    alan crisp Guest

    Maybe more of a warning about Banks than Hotels :ShitHappens1:
  5. coffeecorner

    coffeecorner Guest

    Lesson for everyone spending time here - get a local bank !

    It is so easy to transfer money internally within Thailand via the ATM or, prefereably, Online.

    Note: If you want to trace a SWIFT payment do from the Oz end, claiming non-receipt by the beneficiary. Your Sydney bank can follow the audit trail.
  6. Very true. Spoken like a ............................... Don't matter
  7. aussie-colin

    aussie-colin Guest

    My bank did this, and gave me the deposit reference number. I sent this info to the Hotel, no response.
  8. aussie-colin

    aussie-colin Guest

    Just received a response from the hotel: phew, at last:-
    We check hotel account again have deposit from you.
    But have 5,390 Baht (Not 6,000 Baht).
    I Thing your Bank chart 610 Baht for deposit tranfer.
    And you check your bank again what he chart aboutm.

    Thank you very much for your deposit.

    Kind Regards

  9. Baz

    Baz Guest

    At least they've got it now, that should set your mind at rest. As you say Phew!!! :Grin_Jump1:
  10. aussie-colin

    aussie-colin Guest

    Yes, I was a bit stressed...not so much for me but the couple I am taking up to Surin....I could always get a sleep in Soi Kola...zzzzz
  11. I would take that as sorted out now,Colin because when I booked the rooms for you, all they said was they wanted a deposit before arrival.

    Might be an idea to bring the e-mail from them with you, just incase.

  12. aussie-colin

    aussie-colin Guest

    Thanks Dave,
    Yep, that email will be in my hot little hand....and I think my wife is going there for one night in October...and will make sure all is well...the wife will stay a month at her parents home as usual whilst I go hunting in Surin town..hee hee.
  13. drogon

    drogon New Member

    Well I don't know for Australia but for most others countries when doing an international wire transfer to Thailand (or another country for the matter):
    You always have 3 options about the fees/commissions:
    OUR: All fees/commissions are paid by the sender
    BEN: All fees/commissions are paid by the receiver
    SHR: The fees are shared

    Note:It seems some Thai banks, no matter if you use the OUR option still take a commissions....when they shouldn't.
  14. I just got a Western Union payment from UK and no charges were stopped this end. They seem like the quickest and cheapest.
  15. coffeecorner

    coffeecorner Guest

    David, David, David !

    As you well know, there are ALWAYS charges.

    How much was the charge from the UK (?) end and what rate did they pay out at ?

    I have just been on the Western Union UK website and they are quoting £47 for a transfer of £800. They also say the transfer gets paid out in local currency and quoted an exchange rate of 45.86.

    For the equivalent via Halifax it costs £9.50 (irrespective of amount). K bank are quoting 46.81 and a take a couple of hundred Baht.

    I make that over 2,000 Baht better with Halifax.

    Am I missing something ?
  16. Yes, I have not and cannot get, a Halifax account (now). Plus the remitter paid all the charges :GrinNod1:
  17. cockneyrebel

    cockneyrebel Guest

    last time i booked an apartment through the front desk at the hotel ,I told them the chap was going to pay when he showed up
  18. alan crisp

    alan crisp Guest

    I have a Halifax Account,there are the cheapest to transfer money from the UK :9of10Score:+1
    Maybe as an Ex-bank manager something you should have looked into before you came to live in Thailand :GrinNod1:
    Something everybody should think about before coming to live in Thailand.:Beer1:
  19. You are quite right Alan.
    I decided to go with Nationwide because for decades, they were the only firm to offer no charges for ATM withdrawals abroad. That is all history now, just like me having the chance to change my UK Bank account.
    Also HSBC International introduced a high minimum balance requirement for off-shore accounts so that account had to go too.

    Bit of a case of 'sit down when the music stops'
  20. Baz

    Baz Guest

    I know its going off the topic :Offtopic2: Dave, (booking a room) but i'm the same as you, and for the same reasons with the Nationwide, but since the charges incident (Visa fault not Nationwide) i've stopped withdrawing from ATM's and just pay for Groceries and Electricals in Big C etc; using my Nationwide debit card, that's all I use it for now.
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