New (2nd) private hospital.


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The Princ Hospital will be warmly welcomed. They have many sales with annual checkup at 1800 baht and PCR Covid testing at 3800 baht or 3 for 10,000. They have about 6 hospitals with this one being their first venture into Isaan.


Surin relic
The new Princ Hospital has opened and from the photos it looks head and shoulders above any alternative in the provinceFB_IMG_1615949582550.jpgFB_IMG_1615949599518.jpg


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Surin relic
At Sisaket hospital they were administering Covid vaccines yesterday and our village health clinic has polled the community for high risk citizens and placed an order for vaccines. My bank manager told me that he attended the opening party of the new private hospital a week ago, I suspect they are ready for admissions now

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I hear that SSK Rajabhat Uni is going to be the site used for a field hospital, so we 'work from home' UFN.
Wonder if it will be like MASH? Used to love that program (especially Hotlips).