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  1. Wombat

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    Doing something I could not do too much of in Thailand, putting my old carpentry skills to use. We had a chain link front fence that gave us little privacy so I decided to build a new treated pine fence. I decided to build it myself after getting an outrageous quote from a company to build one. It's nearly finished and I will put up the gates today after I assemble them.
    117594102_10224254579971300_3109530869980496300_o.jpg 117316507_10224254591691593_1715740092450860341_o (1).jpg 117707947_10224293018212232_5006787524946124781_o.jpg 117649974_10224256414857171_8929991602269713569_o (1).jpg 117815777_10224275364570902_9077377711619943547_o.jpg 117679363_10224291406531941_2316822894827287615_o (1).jpg 117788901_10224292442197832_888978760124614338_o (1).jpg 117771550_10224300210232028_3978659608305111096_o.jpg 117716613_10224300207311955_3441037835597249627_o.jpg 118272961_10224300208791992_3913123537872463208_o.jpg
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  2. nomad97

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    Nice job Wombat!


    But I will have to report you to the authorities for using slave labour. :D:D:D
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  3. Rice

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    They did not skimp on cement for those old poles. Did you get them out your self? Anyway nice job. I have ARC mesh fences in Darwin. I have never thought the need for a privacy screen.
    I have always been of the thought more open the better. All you do is create a privacy screen for thieves, they love it. You would know that. But I guess where you are the crime rate is low, as it is hard to burgle from a mobility scooter. :p Its not called "Gods waiting room" for nothing.
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    Should keep the dingoes out
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    But do they keep the drongos out too?
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  6. Wombat

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    I know, couldn't believe the amount of concrete and depth of the old posts. I didn't dismantle it myself, I advertised it on a local Facebook buy and sell page as free if you remove it, had a bit of interest, all from people with chooks!
  7. Wombat

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    The old fence kept one out one day, a part aboriginal lout wanted to "fucken kill me" after I filmed him and his mates unlawfully on the property opposite. His mates had to hold him back he was fuming, the new fence will stop me from seeing bad people doing bad things, I seem to have a sixth sense for noticing things like that.
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  8. Wombat

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    All finished, gates are done.
    IMG_20200821_114006889.jpg IMG_20200821_114103254.jpg
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    Here's a sign for your new fence...
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