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Discussion in 'Prakon Chai Area' started by Prakhonchai Nick, May 4, 2011.

  1. Prakhonchai Nick

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    Excellent new pool in Prakhonchai. Open 10 -8. 40bt to swim. Big Leo 50bt. Thai food from 25bt. Roofed over, but sides open, so protected from the elements.

    Just out of town about 1km, on the Plabblachai Road, opposite a small petrol station on a bend. Turn up a small lane to reach it.

    Have 2 chalet rooms for rent at 500bt.

    My kids love it.

    Lots of nice girls like to swim too!
  2. Nick
    I might be taking some kids here and have a few questions. Can you help...

    1) Is it open Saturday and Sunday?
    2) Although my ability to find places is outstanding, where is the "Plabblachai Rd" when travelling from Surin/Prasat direction?
    3) Are there any slides(for the kids,honest!) or is it just a pool?
  3. coffeecorner

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    Dave - if you can find it - start from Coffee Corner. You can't go wrong LMAO1DeadHorse2
  4. Prakhonchai Nick

    Prakhonchai Nick Surin Legend

    Haven''t been for a coupleof months, but I understand is still open. Everyday opening till 8pm

    There is a pool for the older kids with a small adjoining one for the young ones which has a slide.
    Where is it. ...Leave Coffee Corner on the Buriram road............Almost immediately cross the dual carriage way and join the Plablachai Road (this road leads to krasang and would cross the buriram-Surin Road)......As the road bends to the left after perhaps half kilometre, there is a petrol station on the right hand side. Opposite the petrol station is a track that leads to the swimming pool. (Signs in Thai)
  5. alanthebuilder

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    He can if he gets P*ssed there first Jump_DroolJump_Drool
  6. Not on a Sunday, you can't

    We found the place although I had my doubts when we turned into a muddy pot-holed track, but after a further right hand turn we found the place and very nice it was too.
    They have a couple of rooms to rent @ 800b a night. The pool is large but used strong chlorine in the water. Food & Beer sold on-site and well worth a visit.
  7. surinmike

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    so the weak stuffWTF1WTF1 is better????????
  8. If it doesn't sting your eyes, Yes!
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