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    My wife rents her 5 rai of rice growing land out, and on top of the rent she scoops up the handouts to farmers from the government. Some 4,000baht/rai is not bad, without any of the costs associated with planting, growing and harvesting the rice. I fail to understand why the government insist that the land owner and not the grower receive the benefits, but wont be asking why!:D
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    Jip had at least one good year in the last 5. She grossed over 100,000 Baht. I have no idea of the cost of the inputs - my attempts at trying to maintain detailed cost records went out of the window 10 years ago. She had money and she bought me a beer................ that is as detailed as it needs to get.
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    Oh well, every pun intended, if She Who Must Be Obeyed (SWMBO) has decreed that she wants more water for her loss-making paddy fields, sink your 5" borehole to 50 meters and be done with it. You cannot argue with SWMBO. Good luck and may the Rain Gods smile upon you.


    P.S. I hope that is not the Corona virus she is holding in her hands.
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    Thanks Nomad. Just to clarify,I don't think she has actually lost money in any of those years - albeit government handouts probably made the difference in most (although I rarely eat it) I have not bought a bag of Thai rice in 10 years.
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