No haircut today

Discussion in 'Thai Local History / Culture' started by razor, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. razor

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    Was going to get a haircut today but my wife say's no it is bad luck on Wednesday, oh shite I thought that was Thursday, when I asked her why this is she said just don't do it you have bad luck, so I asked my father in law thinking he would know the reason, he just told me "not good day", seems like many Thai's think Wednesday is bad luck for a haircut but they are not sure why, it's just something you don't do. superstitions passed from generation to generation.
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  2. Yorky

    Yorky Surin Legend

    Correct. Bad luck to have your hair cut on a Wednesday.

    And Thursday is a very bad day for cremations!
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  3. robjak

    robjak Surin Legend

    Just said to Nit I was gonna cut hair and she said no cannot do bad luck. I said why bad luck, no cannot do, why bad look, no answer. Ffs
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  4. mahdam

    mahdam Surin Legend

    Because there is no answer! Superstitious mumbo jumbo.
  5. mahdam

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    Do Barbers shops close on Wednesdays?
  6. Yorky

    Yorky Surin Legend

    I am told that some do. I've never checked because it's bad luck to have your hair cut on a Wednesday. Hairdressers apparently are open (according to my wife) for hair colouring, perming and the other stuff wimmin do with their hair.
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  7. Prakhonchai Nick

    Prakhonchai Nick Surin Legend

    Thought cremations was bad on a Friday. Local wats do not do on Fridays. If you are dead, what more bad luck can you have?

    Load of Bollocks - all of it - haircuts whatever!
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  8. Eanto

    Eanto Surin Legend

    It’s bad luck to play roulette on a gaffed wheel ..... on any day!
  9. FERET

    FERET Surin Legend

    MMMMMMM, a hair cut, I remember that, vaguely.
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  10. Coffee

    Coffee Surin Legend

    I was told that Wednesday is the King's haircut day.

    As good a day as any I suppose.
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