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Nookie..with the lockdown of Buriram and the Buriram Healthy sticker, which is removed on exiting Buriram prpvince, are we to assume you will not be delivering next Friday to Surin and other locations?

Did @nookiebear have any problems today? I didn't order because I am currently well stocked but I shall no doubt be wishing to order in a fortnight.


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Nookie arrived with the goodies on time and with a big smile. I asked him how he got on with the roadblocks and he reported the following. He had been to Pattaya and back on Thursday without problems. He encountered no roadblocks in Buriram province (route 24) on the Friday morning coming to Surin. However, on passing the 'Welcome to Surin' sign on route 24 and before reaching Prasat, he had to pass through 4 roadblocks. No problems other than a minor delay. He did say, "WTF 4 roadblocks in 15 kilometres?" Finally, he said there were reports that a large tented area was being erected across the 226 on the Buriram side of Krasang. He said he would be giving that route a miss. His 'healthy sticker' remained intact and stuck to his passport. :D:D:D


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Website updated yesterday
Some brilliant multi buy deals
Lurpack salted butter portions, an absolute steal, 840gms of butter for 160 baht!