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    What ATB wrote is accurate.

    Most stories that circulate are either rumour, fiction without validity or conjecture without a factual basis.

    Truth, last month's shooting (singular) outside of Speed was substantiated...same as any homicide that takes place on the streets of many a city worldwide with either a gun, a knife, a car or a cricket bat...or by a Policeman shooting a perceived threat outside a convenience shoppe.

    Of course this is nothing close to the 50 killed in June inside an Orlando nightclub , America.
    [I was in Speed several years ago when someone (singular) was shot inside Speed...not the same as the 130 killed in November at a music hall in Paris, France.]

    Farang on farang alcohol-fueled bashing substantiated...
    same as Euro Cup. (Good thing nobody had a firearm.)

    Farangs complaining about the cuisine in karaoke bars...excuse me, sir - you have to PAY for what , exactly?
    Girls to take-away for pay (same as McDonalds four-star Michelin rating)...not up to your higher standard of exactly what ?
    Are ya payin' 'em to for their ability to speak with a Geordie accent...or to suck your drunken dick ? :confused:
    Oh yeah, the girls in Patts are of such high caliber...fookin' A.
    Bitch and moan yet 'older' expats continue to hook up with a Thai lady, make babies and raise children here...exactly WTF. :flushed:

    Let's get real boyz as to exactly why you are living in Thailand...the real reason (not the fallacy expats keep telling themselves). Now truthfully tell yourself ('fess up') why you wound up Isaan exactly.
    (Don't tell me the road map was incorrect or the taxi didn't understand your brogue.) ;)

    As previously stated by members on another thread regarding Soi Cola / Surin nightlife - 'we don't go out after dark.'
    [Note: One day I'll probably be the same.] :sleeping:

    :oops:>>>This post definitely should not be under FU Hotel banner.
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    I can only assume that Coffee has never been to Pattaya.

    I agree with his final comment though - still, threads would be boring if they didn't ramble off topic at some point - I am for it. Maybe a separate topic on 'Surin After Dark'
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    Your assumption would be incorrect Co-Co.

    On my first trip to Thailand Pattaya was one of the five destinations I visited. Fortunately I was visiting a girlfriend who was from Thailand and visiting her family in Surat Thanni for the winter holidays.
    She had married and divorced an American while living in California. After that trip I realized that she was Americanized and I would not be able to afford her once my divorce was finalized. (No worries as she would have no problem finding other suitors...though there is only one Coffee ;):p:D.)

    I returned to the States knowing that one way or another I would be returning while repeatedly stating to my friends, (On my word) "Las Vegas isn't shyte compared to Thailand."
    ;;big smile;; I returned within six months. ;)
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    Great video Yorky - thank you.
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    dunno about you but I decided to spend my time in LoS in order to play with high power engines and boats.
    thai lasses doesn't really interest me, they are mostly 13 (if not 14) to a selection of 12
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    There are times when I wished that I understood. However those times are becoming less frequent.
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    Or maybe just delete 'Hotel' from the title! 555

    I came here for the culture. Honest, Guv!

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    They looked better today. Either they have been cleaned or I was pished!
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    Was that Kisseri gentlemans club?

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