Order/waiting area/ take out Robinson Lifestyle Center Surin.

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    SurinBiz - สุรินทร์บิซ เพื่อ สุรินทร์ is at Robinson Lifestyle Center Surin.
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    #Buy food home at Robinson. How does he do??

    Take a sneak peek at the management of Robinson Mall, surin branch after closing measures and the restaurant section that you need to buy. Go back to eat somewhere else or at home. What does he manage?

    Robinson is quite good to follow the rules. Interesting thing is that all restaurants in the mall come to receive customer's orders in the mall. whether kfc mk tam muang Jeffe Black Canyon the pizza. Cuddle Mapani S & p mister got cuddle to set the table (food menu may not be complete in normal condition). The customer is waiting for the order that they order. There are 2 meters. According to the standard. It is considered a thing. That makes sense to the buyer well.

    A restaurant in the mall today that can't let customers eat at the shop has delivery service. Anyone who is convenient to buy it yourself, come to order at the mall. At least what happens in this crisis is considered an opportunity and a business model. To all restaurants, we focus on delivery on the day when everyone has to stay home. Overall, add that the cost of the shop will be less. Electricity cost, staff, Bowl Plate, use less to focus on the deliciousness of food, which is good things. I have it in itself.

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    My head hurts.

    Wtf is this Mr (or Mrs) Cuddle?
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    Is cuddling a wise move?
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    Thanks Yorky, I was starting to think it was just me.
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    This cuddle appears in almost every English translation of Thai text courtesy of Google translate or FB translate, Not even Thais seem to understand it!
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    It's no wonder that I cannot find "Cuddle Massage" in Pattaya then!

    slap head.gif
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    No need to go all that way Yorky. I am sure Google could find you a few Cuddle massage outlets, and probably more, much nearer to home:yum:
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    Saw this yesterday at the mall Robinson's. Seems silly to me. I'd rather have delivery if I needed these places foods that bad. And there was no 'social distancing' going on when I walked past the Boots pharmacy. Place was crowded.
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    This is what my wife saw yesterday. Two of her customers are in the center. She told me that we will not be going into Surin for sometime.
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