Our new menu - soon to be in the restaurant


I've had new menus made up by a friend. She's done the menus for AA Fantasy a while back, and is presently doing one for Bamboozled too. In ours it was mainly needing an upgrade to a more easily read, cleaned for sanitary reasons, and sealed to keep the pages free from dirt and water stains. A few of our new meals were added and arranged better in placement of pages. More colorful and modern as well. I am happy with it and I think our customers will like it, as EVERYTHING is now in Thai and English, better font and size, a vegetarian page for easy use for those wanting veggie without have to dig through the whole menu to find choices for them. Loads of pics in a few pages for those that just like to point and order. If we want to add or substract things the pages can be easily removed. Specials can be shown on the white board on the wall. Much better in my opinion. We do have an extensive menu, so this took some months to complete. My wishes were mostly integrated into it. But it is my wife's decisions and daughter's input and desires for ease of use for her and the staff. My idea, but as I do not work there (retired) it is their menu to decide how they wanted it. I'm just paying for it. :) 15 menus. 12 for the 6 tables, 3 extras as well for larger groups of customers when this covid stuff is all over. 15 double sided page with front and back pages.











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Wow! Nice menu into Starbeam's future.
We are hoping it will come to good use in January and onward once Surin is released from the covid sanctions and people start coming here again, both domestic and international tourists and new teachers and others as they used to. An investment for the future.