PizzaHut to open first Surin

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  1. gotlost

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    PizzaHut to open first Surin branch on Lakmeuang Road (near Surin public hospital).
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  2. Yorky

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    I don't know where precisely they are intending to open but parking anywhere near the Government Hospital is a bloody nightmare!
  3. Prakhonchai Nick

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    Just do what the Thais do in that area. and many other places.....double or triple park. No concern for anyone else-as usual!
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  4. Ivor the Engine

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    Surprised it wasn't placed within BigC, like in Sisaket (for the last year). Its better than Pizza Company and that's all I'm saying about it (Forrest).
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  5. gotlost

    gotlost Cannot re - Member

    Pizza Company owner ran over(robbed) Pizza Hut formula. Pizza Saying that its a personal choice of taste but to me they are basically the same product. I do agree the location they have taken is shit. But in fairness a good location for any new major fast food outlet in Surin sucks. Big C is booked. Lobinson needs to rebuild they north end for more room and put in a two story car park. Any new venture has to go the ring road.
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  6. Coffee

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    Possibly it will be geared more towards pizza by scooter delivery.
    (Who knows the exact gps coordinates?)

    Located cental Surin easily within 1km of major hospital, four high schools and college doesn't sound like a poor location in that regard.
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  7. Ivor the Engine

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    I would have thought that those places mentioned, will be where there are the least amount of people who can afford this 'luxury food'. :)
  8. Yorky

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    I shall be monitoring the progress but it will be doubtful that I choose theirs over one of my own.......

    pizza 6 s.jpg
  9. gotlost

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    From SurinCity Talk

    SurinCityTalk | Update all stories in Surin
    · 3 hrs ·

    Pizza Hut is hiring for a job.

    Pizza Hut prepares to open a new branch in Surin
    (Near Surawitthayakhan School)

    Recruiting • Receptionist / cashier / pizza chef / pizza delivery staff

    18 years old and older
    High school education level 3
    Have patience and can enter work in shifts
    * The position of a delivery employee must have a motorcycle license *

    ** All positions must be able to work at the Buriram branch in June about 1 month before opening the store in Surin **

    Documents for application
    1. Copy of ID card
    2. A copy of grade 3 or higher
    3. Copy of house registration
    4. Copy of motorcycle license / act only for employees
    5. Photos

    If interested, add LINE, inquire and apply for this number

    094-480-2725 Phi Mook
    ID: ph02725

    Thanks for the information from
    CR.FB.Mookda Mana
    CR.FB. Group (Find Jobs Surin PTFT)

    #Surin province #Pizza Hut #SurinInvest
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  10. nomad97

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    I think the parents of the subject students are sufficiently well-heeled to support their children' eating habits. My daughters take what they need each day when they go to school, usually around 60 baht each. Relative to their friends, they are the 'Cheapie Charlies' in their respective classes. The 'footfall' in that area during a normal school day must number the best part of 20,000 potential customers a day. This is a much higher 'footfall' than any other location in town.
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  11. Yorky

    Yorky Cannot re - Member

    "Pizza Norman" had his joint near there. Puan Saeng Uthit Alley, I think. It was a long time ago. His pizzas were good but far from cheap. He didn't last long despite (or because of) the assistance of Kiwi Jorge.
  12. Yorky

    Yorky Cannot re - Member

    I don't think there'll be many items on the menu for ฿60.00 in Pizza Hut.
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  13. Coffee

    Coffee Cannot re - Member

    I wonder how much the student's Apple iPhones, tablets and Yamaha scooters cost.
  14. Ivor the Engine

    Ivor the Engine Nowhere man

    Do Pizza-Hut have credit facilities? 555
  15. Yorky

    Yorky Cannot re - Member

    Having none of those items, I wouldn't know.
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