Renewing UK Passports in Thailand

Discussion in 'Thai Widows & Expats' started by CO-CO, Jun 17, 2015.

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    ^^^ You mean Sang Som & cola DOES affect everybody the same shrug1
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    I agree with Coffee's nice comments. I want to be the Second Head of PR and Marketing. I'm Tasmanian so it is possible to appoint a Second Head.
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    I certainly hope so :smile:
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    Consider it done Bill. Your remuneration package, like coffee's, will be commensurate with your skills and experience.......
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    Indeed - 6 weeks is the quoted norm for renewals and 8 weeks for a first passport.

    This was encouraging from a Thai Visa poster:-

    Posted 2015-06-10 16:26:08

    Appointment at Trendy on 27th May. Passport signed for in Liverpool on 29th May. Credit card debited on 2nd June. Passport back 10th June
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    Correct. Been there, done that
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    I have recently used the service provided by Thai Widows and Expats to get a replacement passport. Although my old one still had more than 12 months to run, I only had two free pages left after my latest visa extension and still need a re-entry permit.

    I didn't want to make two visits to Bangkok and worked out that, in any case, the fee I would pay TW+E would come in at not more than I would spend on two such visits. Transport, hotel costs etc. even without factoring in the missus' shopping expenses.

    I received my new passport 4 weeks to the day after handing it over to Nick. Over one week of this was Thai post office time (EMS). The turn-around time is now quicker than earlier posts in this thread were indicating.

    Throughout the 4 weeks I received updates from TW+E. I knew when the old passport had been accepted at VFS. I was informed by email when it was ready for collection. I was sent the EMS tracker number for its journey from Bangkok to Surin.

    Thanks Nick and Coco (TW+E) for a great service, flawlessly performed.
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    Noticed your new photo John. Your grandson's rolling on, trust he is keeping you busy.

    Apologies as the post is off topic.
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    Keeping me very busy, Colin.
    I don't mind though. He has brought a new dimension to my life so the least I can do is spend some time with him.
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    Now that I have my new passport, I will need to go to KCI to have my visa extension stamp transferred from the old one into the new one.
    Has anyone got recent experience of doing this? What paperwork is needed? Is there a fee?
    Enclosed with my new passport was a signed pro-forma from the British Embassy which I understand KCI will require to be completed. Anything else required?
    I would also like to get a re-entry permit whilst down there in KC. Can this be done on the same visit as a passport stamp transfer?
    Any advice gratefully received.
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    I transferred mine in 2010 (when the 90 day was due). As far as I remember I only needed my old passport and my new pristine passport. However, I was also attempting to apply for my extension of stay but 40 days earlier than it was due so I had everything else with me at the time so I'm not really sure what else the IO required (Miss large mammaries). Anyway, the extension application was turned down as it would be more than her job's worth to process it 10 days too early.

    Given that your old passport had 12 months validity (if I remember correctly), your situation is different (mine had run out). It always appears to be the case that everyone's situation is different, albeit only minimally, and this, together with the fact that each IO appears to have a different view of the rules, would lead me to suggest that you take everything that you have with you (just in case).
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    I don't think anyone can give updated advice on this at KCI. Yorky was 2010 and I did mine in 2014. I did my transfer and extension renewal all at the same time, passport swap took 45 minutes and the new extension took 1.5 hours. 1900 baht for the extension and 500 baht for the passport swap. They will do your passport swap first. Advise you get there bright and early and NOT on a Monday.
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