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Its location is at GPS 14.4397989625, 103.481305272 about some 12km from the 214. This the first visit we have and to it in sometime. Back about 2015 in was known as a marriage photo location IF they found a spot with no garbage and garbage was top attraction. ;;bad simle;; Mrs GL had a reason. She took 3 adults and 6 kids. No dog. She has been ask to supply on November 12th of her Avocado Milk for 300 government employees at a dedication ceremony. She has working ideas and knows where she has to be on the 12th.. This will be interesting. The government is making this a tours site. LOOK MA NO TRASH.:cool:




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BTW what I have not show is new fencing, under bruch clearing ongoing, 10 or so workers another 20 cars and trucks with locals coming to see at least 20 motor bikes, and at the entrance a both with hand sanitiser for the Chinese Flu and two people manning it and one person could sign in for everyone.