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  1. Merlin

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    400 Baht per night in a nice single room at S-House has to be a good deal for anyone who wants to be near Robinsons and the newish and good Larn Chang restaurant opposite - or any of the other restaurants leading towards Big C. Double rooms are just 450 Baht per night.

    It might not suit people who want to be in Surin's hot spots every night, but for those seeking a fresh new build to a good standard, it's a great deal.

    The owner has promised that she can rustle up taxis and tuk-tuks for anyone wanting to avoid driving, but there's a large car-park there for those that need their cars or bikes at hand.

    The location is just 50 metres from Robinson, with the entrance just before the 214 Diner's former place.

    (This is an independent recommendation - I have no financial or personal interest in the venue.)



  2. CO-CO

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    Sounds like you are halfway to organising a Surin night out Merlin.....:laughing:
  3. nomad97

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    Thanks @Merlin, given SWMBO's occasional display of BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy), other wise known as Mad Cow's Disease, usually once a month, the new S-House accommodation may indeed come in handy when I need a bolt hole to hide in. Even better than the excellent accommodation it seems to be, and at a very competitive price, it is within walking distance of the marital home, approximately 350 meters away from where we now live. For sure, if I am kicked out I will be without wheels.

    P.S. I did do an exterior recce a month or so ago but refrained from enquiring within. Thanks for the pictures. :D:D:D
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  4. Merlin

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    Who knows what the future might hold!
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  5. Rice

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    The kennel is just not big enough for three now that Bruno has grown. :(
    Shall I tell Mrs Nomad of your comments, as then you can give us all a proper review. :p:p:p:p :rolleyes:
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    You wouldn't dare! You would be declared P.N.G. if you did.

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  7. Prakhonchai Nick

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    A bit out of the way and quiet for an overnight bolt hole, for whatever reason. You may do better to pay 100 baht more and stay at Majestic twin Apartments;);)
  8. Coffee

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    No worries there'll surely be enough room...as Bruno will get to sleep inside on the couch. :p 555
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