Solar Pump Project for Primary School

Discussion in 'Surin News' started by Bandersnatch, Jan 7, 2019.

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    I expect so .....................................

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    Thanks Nomad. I have never noticed that there are any solar panel shop. I will have a look when I come home next week.
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  3. Merlin

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    Terrific initiative, Bandersnatch! Well done Sir!

    WaterAid is a charity that helps provide water in difficult circumstances. I know a senior exec in their Nepal HQ, and wonder if you might be interested in extending your project to other schools in this area, perhaps with help from the charity? Please feel free to PM me.
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  4. Bandersnatch

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    Total fail on my part;;unhappy;;
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  5. Bandersnatch

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  7. Bandersnatch

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    Visited today. They do have stock of 320w solar panels, but they are selling them for ฿5,500 compared to who are selling them for ฿3,900. They also had the same submersible solar pump and controller that I have on my own land that I bought from KK Solar, but I didn't ask the price. The biggest inverter, they sell is 1kw. Not a word of English was spoken and they also just sell and do not offer any after sales support. KK has perfect English and could not have been more helpful after I got my first pump home.


    The other solar shop in Surin is on the way to immigration, so I will try to find it when I report next week.
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  8. gotlost

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    Looks like they have the proper kit. I just marked their FB page.:D
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  9. Jeppe

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    I must be blind on both eyes and more.

    I was recently in the tv shop next door and bought a new remote control. But I did not notice that shop.
    Anyway, its not that far to Krasang, and with better price and good English knowledge, I think it will be worth the trip.
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  10. Eanto

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    You can lead a horse to technology but ...
  11. Coffee

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    That was very sweet and generous of you @Bandersnatch . Seriously good on you for your effort.

    Where exactly around Salakdai is the primary school ?
    (Is it located northwest of and adjacent to a wat ?)

    Note: The ferrying of water from the pond to that patch of dirt was probably their physical education program, ya think ? :p 555 (Possibly it really was. :kissing: )
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  12. Bandersnatch

    Bandersnatch Well-Known Member

    Hi @Coffee, Yes the school is next door to a Wat. In fact I am there right now for children day celebrations.
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  13. Bandersnatch

    Bandersnatch Well-Known Member


    Pump at the school now connected to a sprinkler system
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  14. nomad97

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    That's seriously impressive bandersnatch. I would never have thought that one small solar panel would be capable of powering so many outlet spray points.
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  15. Prakhonchai Nick

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    With what appears to be 12 sprinklers, I am surprised there is enough pressure to provide an adequate spray.
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  16. Bandersnatch

    Bandersnatch Well-Known Member

    The photo does not make it clear, so I will go back and make a video. The school have told me that after an hour they have to switch the pump off because the ground is flooded.
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  17. Rice

    Rice Surin Legend

    This is a simple compression piston pump. Since the head of pressure being drawn from is very short say 1 meter. The power of the pump can be transferred to the output cycle.
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  18. Bandersnatch

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  19. mahdam

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    Brilliant! Something to be proud of, well done.
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  20. Bandersnatch

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    I did say I would investigate the other solar shop in Surin when I went to do my 90 days.

    Google Maps:

    The main guy is called Tam and he is an engineer who has worked in Japan. His English is excellent. He knows KK Solar in Buriram and says he cannot compete with him on price, as KK buys more panels than him and can get a lower price. However, Tam said he was happy for me to buy my solar components anywhere and he can help with the installation and maintenance, which is exactly what I was looking for ::smile::

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