Some 5,000 potheads registered for medical marijuana possession in Buriram

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    Some 5,000 people registered for medical marijuana possession in Buriram

    Tanakorn Sangiam


    BANGKOK, 17 May 2019 (NNT) - The 90-day registration period for persons in possession of marijuana without facing prosecution will end on 21 May. Some 5,000 persons in Buriram have already registered their possession during this period. A community enterprise seminar on marijuana planting and management also took place today to prepare Buriram province as a key manufacturer of medical marijuana.

    About 250 people comprising of public health officials, agricultural officials, and community enterprises today joined a seminar on marijuana planting and management for medical usage. The seminar is aimed for participants to further distribute the knowledge on systematic medical marijuana planting and manufacturing management to help promote income distribution in local communities, specifically some 3,000 community enterprises in 23 districts in Buriram province. These community enterprises will then be evaluated for their preparedness, and will be determined by the Food and Drugs Administration whether Buriram province is ready to become a key medical marijuana manufacturer of the country.

    On the registration of persons in possession of marijuana ending on this 21 May, Buriram Provincial Public Health Official Withit Saruesadeechaikul said some 5,000 persons have so far registered as possessors, 2,000 of which are villagers in Buriram province, with 20 percent of registered possessors being cancer patients.

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    Where can one sign up in Surin ?

    (Pretty sure it's for Thai ID cardholders only.)
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    But that is discrimination surely?

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