Staffords Free BBQ every Friday night

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    [​IMG]For those of you that maybe didn't know after Staffords was sold Robbie has started a FREE BQQ Every Friday night.

    And now he even has a Sunday Lunch roast Beef mashed potatoes and Gravy,, have to pay sorry and for the Beer ,,, LOL

    I was just told I forgot to tell you all, there is Chicken also not just roast Beef!!! OOPPS :)

    Its Great to go out and take the family also everyone does, kids play in the traffic while we have food , JOKING!!

    Directions are here:,103.40832,15,normal&fb_locale=en_US






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  2. Wayne Thompson

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    Sunday roast was pretty good. My son kept asking for more off my plate by saying “give me some of that steak with syrup”. Had to correct him that it was roast beef with gravy. Beef was done perfectly and the gravy had a good flavor.

    Yorkshire puddings were done well, perhaps a little dense but when they are home made they are ridiculously hard to get right. I like them that way as it is. I hadn’t had potatoes or veg in a while so that was nice. The veg was a little cold but the gravy soon fixed that.

    The Burger though was absolutely amazing!!! Great flavor of the paddy and the bacon was crisp. Cheese was melted over the top perfectly and had a great flavor unlike another burger I had locally lately. Mine actually came out looking better than the picture. Only problem I was with it was it was so good I woofed it down whilst it was a bit too hot and burnt the roof of my mouth.
    Home made chips on the side was a nice touch.
    The side salad was lettuce, tomato and onion. I ate the onion last for some stupid reason so I had that taste stuck in my mouth for the rest of the day. I’d actually like the onion cooked on the grill and put in the burger.
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  3. mario299

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    We are sometime visitors to the Friday market near Staffords, so I might give it a shot if we decide to go this Friday. I'll probably pass on the burger, although it does look very good, but we don't eat beef any longer. I think a nice cold beer while the lovely wife shops at the Friday fair, then some chicken to go, sounds pretty good.

    Great pictures and promotion Wayne, you got me interested.
  4. bubblegum

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    Very old news. Robbie is gone home and the girls who made the bread took over however I heard they are now gone as well. There will be nothing left to eat in Prasat after the bars are allowed to ope again. I cannot see both Alan (Lemon Lounge) and Fabritio (Lawadee) surviving this lochdown. Hope they do !
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  5. Yorky

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    I was not a customer of Stafford's but it's sad to see a popular venue go under.

    These are sad times.
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  6. mango 2 you 2

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    We will be back with avengance once it is clear when we can serve the devils juice...Lemon Lounge...kind regards
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  7. CO-CO

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    Cream always rises to the top.

    Best wishes when you are finally allowed to re-open.
  8. BigA

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    The two girls have moved a couple of doors away heading south to a shop with big blue metal security gates in front and making and selling as before - 2 big chest freezers full of the usual bread, pies etc. I should have confirmed if they were doing food as per "Staffords" but it is set out as a restaurant and a customer was having breakfast. They hope to do free BBQ on Fridays when normal alcohol sales resume
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  9. Ivor the Engine

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    WOW! welcome back, Rob (last seen in 2013)
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