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  1. Merlin

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    I picked up some more pies from there a week last Monday. The chicken and mushroom pie was good according to the family. The consistency of the meat in the pork pie had changed out of all recognition though, and not for the better, resembling a hard pate rather than what you'd expect. The flavour was very poor too. I'd eaten it hot after defrosting, but didn't enjoy it at all. I tried another of the same batch of pork pies a few days ago, eating it cold this time, but it was no better, sadly.

    It wasn't all bad news though. My missus ordered a large English breakfast there (at lunchtime) and said that it was as good as the ones we have at home. I went for a chicken Kiev and that was excellent - a large tender breast (sorry lads, no nipples though!) full of garlic butter, served with chips and a salad. I'll have that again.
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    That's a pity. I'd actually heard that from another punter but I wanted a second opinion. I think that it's time to arrange meetings with Benny.
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    I found the pork pies very strange, because the first time I had them after Rob took over the shop they were truly excellent, full of flavour, moist and with lovely jelly and a good crust, just as they were in the past. Quite how they have changed so much really surprised me, and at 120 thb each there's no way I'll spend that much again on risking a repeat of the same result.
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    I used to like the ones available from Buriram Star Foods (Not Staffords).

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    The guys name that took over Staffods is Robbie.
    And super nice guy will go the extra mile and has inproved everything. And with Gary's help also.
    He even has great beef in there now and a good price.
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    Maybe send AtB a new ‘Banner’ and we can help promote it.

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    Time will tell, Gary will be a hard act to follow. A lot of people miss gary but he is still around and old habits die hard. wink wink .
    He was a good supplier and time tested to close business in muang mia prasat and farafield .
    New businesses take time to prove themselfs....good luck to them all

    ps. good beef can be had half way between prasat and surin , thai wagyu on the right hand side . heading to surin, cut out the middle man.

    Will be trying the new owner of starfoods also , buriram pie man in buriram now that steve has moved on.
    Benny also has a great selection of brilliant breads at super prices...give him a try
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