Take away only for now - and closing for a month April 1st

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    Starbeam Restaurant is now in TAKE AWAY ONLY mode for our foods. We will only sell as a take away now due to the corona virus and the safety of our customers (and ourselves). Thank you all for your custom and steady support of our restaurant. Stay safe and healthy please all of you.

    Order by phone and come pick up your favorite dishes. 044-519-629


    So come and get your favorite foods now, as we will be closing up starting the 1st of April for a month. We will clean, disinfect, and paint the restaurant during our time closed to present on our opening a clean and fresh place for our customers to eat once the virus pandemic is finished. Open again for full service May 1st, or whenever it is safe to do so once again. Stay safe and healthy all.
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    Well done Cent a very responsible decision.

    Good luck with the takeaways.
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    Just take away food until March 31st. Then close for a month. Don't want to spread the virus or catch it ourselves. Starbeam's clinic is just servicing those already having an appointment, not taking any more appointments, and will also close for the month of April. We will be disinfecting both places while we are closed, doing some painting in the restaurant I have been wanting to do anyways, getting the air cons all serviced and cleaned as well. Etc. Once the pandemic is over we will open. Hopefully by May 1st, but I am not betting on that myself.

    Sadly I do believe this will hit us hard up in this area and last a while. 30 or so people just came to Surin and the surrounding area from Bangkok yesterday I think I was told this morning. More are on their way here. Supposedly all 'self quarantining' for 14 days. It won't help the families they are staying with though now will it? And I doubt the pissheads will refrain from gathering in their villages. Songkran is here in a couple weeks (though supposedly canceled), and Thais are such social creatures I do not think many of them will stay indoors or just on their property for 2 weeks or more. We will see what happens though. Hoping for the best. Preparing for the worst. Only smart thing to do really.
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    Good luck and stay safe.
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