Teachers' Day in Thailand - always 16th January

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    Adopted as Teachers' Day in Thailand by a resolution of the government on November 21, 1956. The first Teachers' Day was held in 1957. January 16 marks the enactment of the Teachers Act, Buddhist Era 2488 (1945), which was published in the Government Gazette on January 16, 1945, and came into force 60 days later. Most Thai schools close for the day to give their teachers a break during the long second term. Many international schools do not, although they may hold celebrations to honor their teaching staff. There are very few public or official commemorations.

    From Wikipedia

    (It is also always the Gorgeous Lek's Birthday. She promised she would never marry a teacher so she married a Principal instead - clever girl!)
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    Happy Birthday to the GL!

    Teachers in Thailand have every day; thy don't need a special one. Especially in the villages, where they exact tribute from villagers much poorer than themselves. This giving to teachers is conditioned into them now, and villagers often give more than they can afford. I have been offered a bunch of bananas by an old woman who had nothing else to eat in her house. Fortunately we noticed and insisted she take it back.
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