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    Forum members.:rolleyes::rolleyes:;;bad simle;;;;bad simle;;;;bad simle;;;;bad simle;;;;bad simle;;;;bad simle;;
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    No, a very good English friend.

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    Yesterday, late morning I posted a question to Thai Widows and Expats.
    I had never had contact with the guys before.
    By yesterday evening I had a new UK will signed and authorised by two of my neighbours.
    That is just outstanding.

    I could never have achieved that by talking to people in the UK.
    I had no idea that marriage invalidated any previous will, even if the people and facts have not changed.

    It shows the real value of this Forum, warts and all.
    It shows the value of the service that Thai Widows and Expats provide.
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    I know these two blokes more than 16, I came to live in LOS in 2002, Nick was already a longtimer here and I think Ray wandered into Thailand about 1 or 2 years later. Two upstanding guys you can trust with your paperwork.
    They used to organise trips to Siem Reap for the Surin and Buriram expat community with some succes although there was only a small market for these trips in these regions. These trips were always spot on.
    Hope to see these fellows again on my next trip when LOS opens it's gates again ... and go on a fact finding trip to Siem Reap again !!!
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    Widows and Expats did a will for me not so long ago. Nick was a great help and gave me some excellent advice and pointers. Thank you Nick.
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