Thailand’s first medical marijuana exhibition opens in Buri Ram

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    Thailand’s first medical marijuana exhibition opens in Buri Ram


    Tens of thousands of people, including foreigners, today flocked to the Chang International Circuit, in the northeastern province of Buri Ram, to attend Thailand’s first exhibition of marijuana and marijuana extracts for medical use.

    The three-day event features talks and panel discussions on laws related to marijuana and the medical benefits of marijuana extracts, such as cannabis oil, by experts such as Dr. Siriwat Wongsiri of the Royal Academy, Dr. Somyos Kittimunkong, Kamhom na Lanxang, alias Kanja Witch, and Panthep Puapongpan of Rangsit University.

    Marijuana plants, seeds, flowers and extracts are on display and visitors are allowed to try cannabis oil for medical purposes.

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    Nice to see that GL is at the forefront of modern medicine and keeping us all informed. ;;amazing;;;;amazing;;;;amazing;;
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    Soon to be MRU.;;bad simle;;
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    Bit late to tell us after the event started! Even though I live in Burioram province, I have not seen any advertising.

    Tens of thousands of people, however, appear to be in the know!

    "visitors are allowed to try cannabis oil for medical purposes"...I'd rather have a cold Chang!.
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    I'm greedy. I'll take both.:D:D:D:D:D
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    And mull cookies will be served with afternoon tea.:Alien:;;amazing;;;;secret;;;;secret;;;;secret;;
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    Wow man lol
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