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    It is. It's much more to my taste and liking. I have no interest in soccer, Form 1 and the like. Couldn't care less. I've no interest in being around people who are drunk, trying to get drunk, or being all macho and aggressive. Or in a place that basically is trying to get you drunk and sell as much alcohol as they can to even the drunkest fuckwits. It's boring. I've very little interest in Rap and Hip Hop music and hate places where it is played constantly. It very quickly gets me to check bin. I'd rather hear rock 'n roll (old and new), blues - mixed into some rock, not constantly, Jazz, all types, Fusion in particular, and even Classical - to a point. I like a place that is laid back where I can relax with no aggro bullshit, no silly arguing, no bad vibes and macho horseshit from assholes and idiots, cheapskates, racists, people with bad attitude and gloomy pessimists, constant whingers, and 'nationalism', phony patriots and bigots.

    I think I have found it.
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    Almost 23:00...reggae, ska night...the beer is cold :cool: 20180506_225037.jpg 20180506_224906.jpg CHE vs LIV on the tube. Hippies fer sure. 555 :relieved:
    Tramadol kicking in...feeling no pain. :innocent:
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  4. Coffee

    Coffee Surin Legend far no bad vibes.
    I wonder why...aww fook - they've closed. :D:D:D 555

    Seriously @Cent , I read your post above ^^^ ten times.

    Reads as exactly the reason to avoid "farang hangouts", eh. *;)

    * Note: I'm still out with my dah-ling and I paused to reflect for the hundredth time in five years.

    @nomad97 - U must really be happy with the LIV result tonite.:mask: 555
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    Two words for you Coffee - Ala hashmak! (Arabic - lit trans. "May the blue bird of paradise fly right up your nose!")
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    Bad ass to the bone, eh. Definitely future Jacks material. ;)
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    Was at The Watering Hole late night the other night. As if on schedule around 2 a.m. the young turks came pouring out of Speed 3 and a ruckus quickly broke out. It continued for an hour, back and forth, up and down the soi. A bigshot came out on the front steps with a megaphone and berated the boys and told them to leave the front of Speed 3 and 'be men' and go fight around the corner on the main street. Weird. At one point a bunch of security guards came pouring out the door brandishing clubs and batons and went up and down the soi 'urging' people to fuck off and leave the area. So it's not the farang places most times. It is the young fuckwits in Speed 3, usually fighting and brawling over some girl and a perceived insult or loss of face. Nearly every Friday night and weekends. And of course the occasional drunk as fuck enraged at the world and all in it, farang at times. Or drunk and wanting more and demanding service which should be denied to them. But then the owners would have to club some of those tits in the squash with a club likely. Some people just cannot handle their liquor. Ruins it for all just looking for a nice friendly night out having a few and hanging with friends, watching football, or listening to the music. Personally I think they should be barred and banned by all the bars, farang and Thai alike.

    Must have been poker, peanuts, and beer night for the boys in brown. None to be seen in front of Speed 3 at all.

    No farangs involved at all.

    We just watched the silliness unfold and invited frightened pretty women to come sit with us and have a drink or two. As far as I know no one was shot, stabbed, or bludgeoned to death this time. But the shit was going down and getting heavy there for a bit. Why the fuck there aren't 4 or 5 cop trucks with a dozen cops outside each night by 1:30 to control the crowds is beyond me. Would surely get all the dummies away fro the soi at least and moving on.
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  9. Cent


    Was at The Hippy Bar for 4 hours Friday night previous to going to soi Cola and had a great time with friends chatting, eating, listening to music, and having a few cold ones.
    Was a wonderful evening.
  10. Cent


    comming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep this date open. This should be a great day and fun time at The Hippy Bar & Restaurant in Surin.

  11. Cent


    Saturday, 21 July. Folk festival at The Hippy Bar. 8 performers. Art and music.

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    appear OK this Hip. Bar

    not sure where it is,
    but if you could say how many minutes it takes to walk from H B to soi cola it would give me an idea
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    not disagreeing with you but you rule out quite a few
  14. Cent


    Quite a few what? Bars or people?
  15. Cent


    10 minutes?

    Walk out of Soi Cola (Speed 3 end) onto the main street and take a right. Walk as far as you can to the T junction at the end of the street (Soi SurinPrakdee). Take a right. Hippy Bar & Restaurant is just a few buildings down the street on your right. At night you can easily see the big white lighted sign saying Hippy Bar.

    They open at 5. Nothing much happens for live music until around 9 or 10. Same as most Thai places with live music.

    There's a Google map on their site as well.
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  20. Coffee

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    Can you write that and still be PC ?

    Or must one denote person in "Groovy, person."
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