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  1. Coffee

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    Yup, Cent. Go ahead and tell your wife about that part of the tale (wee hours 'tail'). :kissingsmiling:

    Surely someone would get bludgeoned !
    :p 555
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  2. Ivor the Engine

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  3. Wombat

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    I thought that "Jacks" was exclusively an Aussie term of endearment towards local law enforcement, where'd you pick it up?
  4. Coffee

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    @Wombat My auntie was a citizen of Australia and moved to America to marry my uncle Ralph following WW2.
    I believe they initially met while my uncle was convalesing as a double-amputee from wounds received during naval operations in the Coral Sea.

    I can still recall her "Good on ya, boy" which no American would ever speak in the 60s.

    Aunt Faye had platinum blonde hair a là Marilyn and a big smile for everyone.
    Years later I had the pleasure of meeting her youngest brother Mel and his son Mel Jr who both worked out of the union shoppe on the docks at Auckland NZ.
    I had brought family albums and such to share since my aunt had never seen her brothers or visited Australia since departing.
    It was the first time I ever tried snooker.
    Obviously I would've never made the ranks.
    Thankfully the beer and comraderie was wonderful.
  5. Wombat

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    Good on ya mate.
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  6. Cent


    The Hippy Bar's new mixed drinks cocktail menu.

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    I must change my glasses... Saw the above, and spent hours searching for The Nipple Bar, Surin...
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  8. Ivor the Engine

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    Let me know when you find it please!

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  9. Wombat

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    Cent, your menu link on the Starbeam Facebook page is not working. Thought you should know.
    Our family enjoyed our take away Queslidas and Burgers last night.
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  10. gotlost

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    Works for me.:D
  11. Cent


    Wombat, thanks for bringing that to my attention.

    Seems my daughter may have up loaded the menu pages as pictures rather than in text format. I've opened the menu page again, but at the moment cannot change or delete individually from the menu for prices and offerings now defunct. Will speak with her later and see if I can change this back to the way I had it.

    Happy to hear you and your family enjoyed our food. Always good to hear feedback.
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  12. Wombat

    Wombat Surin Legend

    That's a first.
  13. Cent


    Scootslande will be at the The Hippy House Bar & Restaurant in Surin City. Friday October 26, 2018. 200 baht entrance fee. Get down and see this great music. Good music, delicious foods, cold beer and mixed drinks, wonderful people. Don't miss the show. You'll be happy you went.…/…

    Here's a song from Scootslande on Youtube for your listening pleasure. 'Go Away'.

  14. Cent


    Here's another taste of music from Scootslande for your listening pleasure. Come and see the band at Hippy House Bar & Restaurant in Surin City Friday, October 26 2018. 'They Cry'.

  15. Cent


    Hippy House looking for a cashier

    รับสมัครแคชเชียร์ 1 ตำแหน่ง
    เวลางาน 18:00-24:00น.
    สนใจสอบถามได้ที่ร้านหรือ 0641061747

    Hippy house
    Recruit Cashier 1 position
    The shop has a silver machine.
    Work time 18:00-24:00 PM
    Interested please ask at shop or 064-106-1747
    It's urgent.

    Khun Soonyata Canlaya (also known as Dome)
  16. BigA

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    Has Hippy bar relocated?
    Any info appreciated
  17. Cent


    Yeah, around the corner a bit further down (on the soi the Thong Tarin hotel is on).
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  18. EnglishAlan

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    I notice it s now calling itself "Hippie House". It s bang opposite the clinic with the big car park.
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  19. Coffee

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    Just look for the VW Hippie van. :cool:
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  20. Cent


    Stopped in to the new and improved Hippy House last night for a look see and a couple beer Lao and to hear some of the live music and say Hi to Dome. Wow! What a difference in the venue change/move. Nice place, though the way to the hong nam takes one behind the bar and into the secret passageway beyond. LOL The place was packed out, and, much to my surprise, it was packed out with like 90% women. Had a pleasant time chatting with some ladies there and a couple lads. Dome's place was rocking. The move is a definite money maker increase I'd say. Loads of people in there. Great music by Dome and his drummer buddy, and a very pretty lass singing on some of the tunes. Nice voice. Good job. And surprise surprise... Dome got a serious haircut! Not so hippy looking any more. :) Will definitely be a place to stop in when out and about on the occasional Friday or Saturday night.
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