Two dead and three injured in Buriram collision and pile-up

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    Utter carnage: Two dead and three injured in Buriram collision and pile-up


    Picture: Thai Rath

    A scene of utter devastation greeted Thamenchai police and rescue services after a car being driven by a Bangkok man collided head on with a municipal authority pick-up on the Buriram to Lampraimat road in Buriram, north east Thailand yesterday evening.

    Dead in a Honda was 38 year old Minburi man Nopparat. Also deceased in an overturned Isuzu was Thamenchai municipal authority worked Worawuth. His colleague Nitaya was injured.

    The accident happened near KM marker 97 by a chicken farm.

    Two other vehicles were damaged and their drivers injured after they piled into the debris.

    Locals said they saw the Bangkok car try to overtake and collide head on with the Isuzu coming in the opposite direction heading towards Buriram. The other two pick-ups were following the municipal vehicle and could not avoid the debris.

    Source: Thai Rath
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    We say the same thing over and over and we see it time and time again. Folk that overtake anytime they like without any consideration at all. The skill level to put up with this and other stupidity is just not there. The Isuzu driver probably did not even think that was a possibility, that guy was going to pull that move. But us dumb farang drivers are always trying to think one step ahead. If up ahead you see someone close fast on a slower vehicle. I always assume the "DICK" is going to pull that very stunt. I have had it happen to me on no less then three occasions. Luckily each time I always had an out. Only luck. One day there will be a tractor, motor sye or old lady standing in the way of the exit. I am afraid it is always going to be better then a head on. Now that is what your dash cam is for. Oh, and not for making a viral video. o_O

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    Experience driving, visual and mental awareness, critical thinking.

    If one of these criterias is missing and then throw in a smartphone for texting, talking or FB...:disrelieved:
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