Two headed buffalo born in Prakhonchai

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    Two heads are better than one when it comes to winning the lottery!

    Picture: Daily News

    Villagers in Buriram in Thailand's north east are going crazy for lottery numbers after a buffalo with two heads was born.

    Monks have been praying at a makeshift shrine set up after the birth of the creature that was stillborn.

    Following a Buddhist ritual, music and sacrifices the locals were lighting joss-sticks to get those all important numbers.

    The animal first emerged from the womb in Panku sub-district, Prakhonchai district at 5 pm on Wednesday 30th.

    These were just the start of a Daily News report brimming with possibly auspicious numbers.

    Suwimon, 24, who lives in house number 308 in Moo 7, had two female buffaloes. One was pregnant.

    It was not an easy birth at all. The feet showed first and try as they might several villagers who came to help couldn't bring the rest of the body out.

    Vets were called and soon nine people were tugging for four hours. Finally at 21.24 (9.24 pm) two heads appeared.

    Everyone agreed that a ritual was necessary to ensure continued happiness in the village after such an event.

    A stand was set up and the heads of the buffalo were placed on cushions as offerings, drinks, garlands and a Buddhist image were put in place ready for the incantations of monks.

    Suwimon explained that her mother has won money in the lottery several times recently - clearly this was because of the two headed pregnancy.

    Everyone agreed more riches were to come.

    Those numbers again in no particular order: 2, 5, 30, 24, 308, 7, 1, 9, 4 ,2124 and 924.

    Take your pick - but don't forget to pray and light a joss-stick first!

    Source: Daily News when-it-comes-to-winning-the-lottery/
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    LMFAO....Idiotic people!

    Sad that the monks don't have better things to do in life but chant!
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    Ah come on Nick, I bet you've already bought your lottery ticket.
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  4. Prakhonchai Nick

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    I win every 2 weeks, Colin, by keeping my money in my pocket!:)
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    I do too, usually. However, this morning I made an exception to the rule, an impulse buy. I was really shopping for a sourdough roll from Tops and saw this young lady with a couple of tickets left. And, if Yorky is interested, there was one sourdough roll left after I had bought mine.
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    Been sometime but I have won 60,000 baht twice on the lottery.:p:p:p:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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    Initially misread this.............."saw this young lady with a couple of tickets left." ;)
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    Had an oldish one left for a sarnie on Wednesday. Still have another in the freezer - possibly a burger on Sunday?
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    Siamese twins!

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    Seems like NONE of the lottery numbers in Post No 1, thrown up by the Monks or local idiots won! But they will still continue to believe!
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