Where do you stay when in Surin City

Discussion in 'Hotels in Surin' started by Wayne Thompson, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. Wayne Thompson

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    I was at Muang Surin the other week, talking to the owner of The Beach bar and he said "Where are you staying"?
    We said "Thong Tarin".
    He said "Oh no! that place is terrible!"

    and it was.

    We mainly went there because of the area and we wanted the pool for the kids.
    Well the pool was full of rubish including 2 floating cigarette butts.
    The pool area smelt and looked like a loading dock.
    The room, whilst restoration attempts has been done, was old and tired.

    He did recommend another place that was owned by the same company as the Majestic but half the price. He said they will drive you over to the Majestic to use the pool.
    The problem was this was at 2am after quite a few beers so I have forgotten the name of the place.

    So where does everyone recommend to stay when in Suring City?

    I did notice the Majestic has some crackin promotions at the moment http://www.surinmajestic.com/promotion
  2. Prakhonchai Nick

    Prakhonchai Nick Surin Legend

    On the odd occasion that I have attended a Surin Farang get - together (what happened to them?), and wanting to be in the bar area for thr evening, I have stayed at the Majestic Twin. This is probably the place that was mentioned to you. A couple of hundred metres from Soi Kola. Clean and comfortable with coffee and Kao Tom provided for breakfast. Just 500baht double or twin room.

    There are many better places in Surin, some very reasonably priced, but rather depends what area you want to be in.
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  3. Wayne Thompson

    Wayne Thompson Active Member

    That looks great. Yes I wanted to try take me wife to Tawandang again so it's a good area.
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  5. Georgemandm

    Georgemandm Well-Known Member

    The gun hotel is the best place in surin
    The bed is great the location is great
    The air great
    The price is great
  6. Prakhonchai Nick

    Prakhonchai Nick Surin Legend

    Booking a room there does not appear to be that great!

    Booking.com and Agoda have it on their lists, but are unable to make any bookings.
  7. nomad97

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  8. Prakhonchai Nick

    Prakhonchai Nick Surin Legend

    Booking hotel rooms on the phone has in the past caused problems. You arrive, they have no note of your booking, or have booked the wrong day. I prefer to have a print out of the booking from an accredited agent.
  9. Deerculler

    Deerculler Surin Legend

    I like the Martina Hotel. Very quiet. Not expensive. Comfortable beds. Not in town so you need a car.
  10. Ivor the Engine

    Ivor the Engine Administrator

    Similarly the Kasem Garden (on the ring road) is acceptable too.

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  11. Prakhonchai Nick

    Prakhonchai Nick Surin Legend

    It all depends where you want to be in Surin. I personally like to dump the car and be able to walk to wherever I am going to eat/drink or shop etc
  12. dennis

    dennis Active Member

    I like the Martina hotel too. Quite, large rooms, good restaurant.

    It is just outside the city centre, so you need transportation, but staff is always happy to help (if needed ofcourse).

    Martina hotel is a motel-like hotel. Rooms a bit bungalow-style. So no noisy corridors or climbing stairs. As mentioned: very quite!! Recommended!
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  13. Georgemandm

    Georgemandm Well-Known Member

    I never book online I get my friend to go and book for me .
    If him can’t book I call and book on the phone and pay by my bank app .
    The place is the best place in surin to stay .
  14. Georgemandm

    Georgemandm Well-Known Member

    What’s the use of that place if you need a car ? .
  15. Georgemandm

    Georgemandm Well-Known Member

    I am the same .
    The gun is the best place in town , close to what you need out of being in surin
  16. Georgemandm

    Georgemandm Well-Known Member

    You book pay by your bank app that gives you a receipt That you have paid.
    No problems in the world.
  17. Deerculler

    Deerculler Surin Legend

    I have a car, so no problem. Okay George.
  18. Deerculler

    Deerculler Surin Legend

    I have always used Agoda for years nd found them excellent. And I a receipt. I made a wrong booking in Bangkok about 5 years ago and the hotel would not give me my money back. Agoda reimbursed me. They did not have to but they did.
  19. Georgemandm

    Georgemandm Well-Known Member

    Sometimes you can’t book on Agoda that’s what I am talking about.
    Not when you can use Agoda .
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