Xmas pudds and chocolate tubs

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  1. nookiebear

    nookiebear Surin Legend

    In stock now
    Xmas pudding.... 227gm.... 120baht
    Arriving next week
    Large tubs (circa 600gm)
    ALL 425baht (cheaper than 2018)
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  2. Merlin

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  3. CO-CO

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  4. Prakhonchai Nick

    Prakhonchai Nick Surin Legend

    The manufacturers missed a simple trick here. Customers are initially attracted to the gross weight. They could have kept the gross weight the same but reduced the net weight by using heavier wrappers.

    Does that make sense?
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  5. Yorky

    Yorky Surin Legend

    Or they could label Thai style, i.e. be economical with the truth?

    brooktoms s.jpg

    The label on the can has recently been changed. Whether it is now correct, I do no know.
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  6. Prakhonchai Nick

    Prakhonchai Nick Surin Legend

    I recently bought a large tin of Brook Tomatoes in error. I much prefer the SIS ones.No Gross weight mentioned here
  7. Yorky

    Yorky Surin Legend

    Yes, they've now changed the label to "Net Weight" and "Drained Weight". What they drain off to get the latter is anyone's guess.
  8. CO-CO

    CO-CO Surin Legend


    Why would anyone be attracted to gross weight?

    I never look anything but the net weight.

    They should go further with ‘net’ labelling - like frozen fish....... should say “200g, defrosts/cooks down to 100g”.

    If paying per kilo (not with the tomatoes) is misleading if half the weight is packaging or water.
  9. Yorky

    Yorky Surin Legend

    You'd have been buggered by the original Brook's tomato label then.
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  10. CO-CO

    CO-CO Surin Legend

    Point taken.... But I think that I might have worked it out.
  11. Prakhonchai Nick

    Prakhonchai Nick Surin Legend

    You might not, but many would

    This is Thailand.........after all!:D
  12. CO-CO

    CO-CO Surin Legend

    Continuing the net weight discussion...

    I bought some frozen halibut, stated weight 267 grams for 80 Baht.

    Weighed again when defrosted......... 195 grams

    Weighed again after cooking....... 133 grams.

    So my halibut that cost 300 Baht a kilo to buy, actually cost 600 Baht a kilo to eat
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  13. mario299

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    I'm trying as hard as I can to wipe the smile off my face. You're new here, huh?
  14. nookiebear

    nookiebear Surin Legend

    New stock of Chocolates arriving tomorrow. Only 10off each
  15. Prakhonchai Nick

    Prakhonchai Nick Surin Legend

    Only 10 of each! Likely to be all gone when you make it over this way again!..Friday 13th??
  16. CO-CO

    CO-CO Surin Legend

    Not if you pre-order.
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