Buffalo Racing Festival - Oct 4-10 - Chonburi

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    Buffalo Racing Festival

    This year’s annual Buffalo Racing Festival (038-428-750, www.tourismthailand.org) in Chonburi province will be held from Oct 4-10, with the race itself taking place on Oct 7 in front of the Chonburi Town Hall. If speeding buffaloes aren’t your thing, the event will also feature fun contests to find the healthiest buffalo in the heard and best buffalo decorations. A food fair will also provide some non-buffalo-related entertainment.
    - See more at: http://bk.asia-city.com/travel/news/top-events-around-thailand-october-november#sthash.4AIXo5cl.dpuf
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    Plenty of buffaloes (often over-decorated though not so speedy) in Pattaya at the moment. No need to drive to Chonburi.

    (Actually going to sunny Hobart from 5-30 October so I will have to give this one a miss ... again .... thank goodness!)
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    Have a nice trip Bill..ice should be starting to melt on the streets by then.
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    We have camel races in Australia, Cent..I was given a tip on one once. Number 8 in the 8th race and had drawn wide at barrier 8...the trainer was happy with that position out wide. In the betting, I got 8 to 1 odds.

    Bastard of a thing ran 8th.
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    The temperature reached 28 degrees a few days' ago. That should have melted the (imagined by Queenslanders) ice.
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